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The Water Cycle

Monday, February 3 2014 Frontier 5th Grade Science Classes

Dan Staley

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of The Water Cycle

The Water Cycle
Nature is all about CYCLES
Cycles are
The most
important cycle?
is water so important?
The average adult human body is ~50-65% water
Plants are ~75% water
Most food webs on earth begin with plants
No water, no plants, no ____.
HOW much water
is on earth?
Water covers ___% of earth's surface
___% of that water is fresh water
Do you think water is precious?
How important is
fresh water?
Almost all plant nutrients are in the water taken up by roots
Cycles reuse everything-
nothing wasted
3 States of Matter
Water: 3 Basic Changes
How Much Water?
30 gal
42 gal
188 gal
317 gal
634 gal
What drives the
water cycle?
Thank you!
Air moves from:
Hot to
High pressure to low pressure
Moist to
Fresh water is 3% of all water
Ice is 69% of all fresh water
Of all water on earth, fresh water for life is .02% of all water
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