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Meditation Prezi

Looking into meditation and its many benefits and effects.

Laully Wircourt

on 30 December 2012

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Transcript of Meditation Prezi

Meditation MEDITATION ONE 12/10/12
I sat on my bed and listened to a guided meditation that I found through YouTube. The meditation made me feel peaceful. I drifted into a state of extreme calm. I felt as if I was a part of the world, that I had a purpose, and that I had a connection with nature and other elements around me. The meditation brought me tranquility and took away some of the stress that I had gained throughout the day. This meditation lasted about ten minutes. My experience with meditation was extremely enjoyable and enlightening. I did daily meditation for seven days. What I found amazed me and brought me a lot of happiness. Here are my reflections on each of my meditations. MEDITATION TWO 12/12/12
I once again went on YouTube and found a different meditation to use. I put in earphones this time and it made a dramatic difference. The calming music automatically brought my stress level down. I felt the tension melt away as I sat and concentrated on myself and on the world around me. I gave thought to the words of the speaker and repeated them in my head. I took deep calming breaths and I felt the tension being released through my body. I could feel the days challenges disappearing and I heard only the thoughts of the speaker and that of the calming music. I felt an inner peace. This meditation made me feel strong and confident but at the same time humble and compassionate. It helped me connect with my thoughts and consider how I treat people who are around me. It was a good experience for a very busy and hectic day. This meditation lasted around 12 minutes. MEDITATION THREE 12/13/12
I logged onto YouTube for a third time to find a guided meditation. I chose a meditation that I had not done before. I closed my eyes and relaxed. As I followed the instruction to breathe, I could feel the lengthy and stressful day fall from my shoulders. I continued to breathe deeply and listen to the instructor. I found this guided meditation very interesting. The meditation I listened to concentrated for a large portion on colors and also on breathing out through different parts of the body. For example the instructor said to imagine the color red. Then, he said that I had a red balloon at the bottom of my spine and I was trying to the blow that up. I took a breath through my spine as if I was about to blow up a balloon, and I felt an even deeper sense of relaxation. I found this meditation to be intriguing and different because it used visual imagery to release tension. Another thing that I found interesting about the meditation was the fact that it physically made me feel better. I did not feel good that day, I feel as if this helped a bit with the nausea that I have been experiencing. The meditation lasted about 11 minutes. I also listened to some calming music after the meditation. I felt the prolonged serenity, the peaceful feeling it provided was freeing and satisfying. MEDITATION FOUR 12/15/12
During this meditation, I felt a thankful for the life that I have been given. I felt calm, warm and safe. I felt my worry about finals drift off and I began to concentrate on the challenges that I have been presented with and how I will overcome them. I felt my whole body let loose and listen to the calming music. I felt my face relax finally, and it felt so good. It was a very nice way to end the night. I felt relaxed and ready to go to bed after this meditation. The meditation lasted about 9 minutes. MEDITATION FIVE 12/16/12
With finals looming ahead, I was happy to meditate. I did not do a guided meditation this time. Instead I simply listened to calming music. The music was mainly flute music and the sounds of water. It automatically brought my stress level down. I breathed in clean fresh air and then exhaled the air as if I was breathing out the stress and troubles of my day. I felt myself concentrate in on my mind and forget my surroundings. I felt relaxed and calm. After a while I chose a chant word that I would repeat over and over again. The word I chose was acceptance. I found this to be a good word because it related to many different scenarios in my life. I accept all that I have been given and all that is to come. This meditation lasted about 20 minutes. MEDITATION SIX 12/17/12
This meditation was definitely my favorite. I went back to another guided meditation video. This was a more visual meditation, where the instructor of the video said to imagine climbing up to your own temple. She went on from there, describing the beauty of the surroundings. I felt my anxiety of the day and the anxiety of my future tests disappear. This was my time. I enjoyed my meditation a lot and I am now finding that I look forward to it every day. This meditation lasted about 16 minutes. I did not keep track of my heart rate or breathing. However, particularly on this meditation I felt completely relaxed and I felt my breathing become slow and even. Meditation is an extremely powerful way of calming your entire
body down. It helps with issues from controlling your road rage
to controlling your sweating. My experience with meditation was fantastic. I found that meditation not only calmed me down for a few minutes at a time but it also helped me approach the next day with a calm disposition. When I became angry, I would try to breathe in and out. Although I might not have been suddenly happy, I felt much more level headed. Another reason I enjoyed my meditation was the fact that it was finals week. I was so stressed, and this was a way to let loose concentrate in on myself instead of all the studying I had to do. Just for the short periods of times that I meditated I felt as if it helped greatly. After many of my meditations, I felt in some ways lighter, as if weight had literally been lifted off my shoulders. I also felt that I was better able to concentrate after my meditation periods. In the future I will turn to meditation
as a stress reliever. I felt that it helped
me quite a bit and that it could help me
in the future. All in all I consider this project
to be a success. I learned a lot about meditation
and a lot about myself through meditating. Videos I used: More sources:
ineedmotivation.com MEDITATION SEVEN 12/19/12
It felt good to sit down and not worry for once today. For my meditation, this time, I simply listened to some calming music. I used some breathing techniques that I had learned from different guided meditations. I breathed out all the worries in my body and felt very peaceful. I did this for about 11 minutes. I found it hard to block out the thoughts of the outside world. However, the longer I meditated the more calm I felt and the more concentrated on relaxing I became. This meditation lasted 11 minutes. By: Laura Precourt
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