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Utah county health department

No description

Angela Cheney

on 16 November 2016

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Transcript of Utah county health department

Utah County Health Department
Target Populations
Access to Services
-Services are available Monday-Friday (not on weekends)
-Extended hours are available for immunizations

-The department is located near a Utah Transit Authority (UTA) Bus stop and a few blocks away from a UTA Train stop
-Majority of patrons learn about services through referral from health care professional (for example: the school nurse) or word of mouth (for example: friends or outreach workers).
-Information and eligibility criteria are available online
Comprehensive Teaching Plan
Registered nurses provide in-home visits to new mother's. These visits include a comprehensive teaching plan that covers health promotion, risk reduction, and disease prevention in children and infants.
Summary of Services Provided:
Family and personal health
Wellness clinic
Disease screenings
Health promotion courses
Asthma education
Car seat safety courses
Tobacco cessation
Senior Services
Fall prevention
Women Infant Children Services (WIC)
Environmental health
Vital records
Emergency preparedness
Mosquito Abatement
Utah county health department
Programs for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Care

Community and Family Values
Providing Care
Services Unavailable
at the Health Department:
Reimbursement of Services

Insights and Observations
Plagiarism Note
This paper is submitted as a true and accurate representation of my original work, research and writing. No part of this document is quoted, paraphrased, or the work of another individual unless cited and referenced correctly per the APA Publication Manual 6th Edition. I understand that any variance in citation or referencing can be considered academic misconduct, and subject to BYU-Idaho’s Academic Honesty policy.

Electronic Signature: __Angela Cheney_ Date: _15 November, 2016__
Many signs and flyers are posted throughout the facility advertising health resources available to community members in need. I was amazed by the number of services that are available that I have never heard of as a healthcare professional or community member. I was shocked to discover that most of these services are primarily promoted through word of mouth. I am grateful to be aware of such services that would be beneficial to many of the patients I see in the hospital as a nurse.

In addition to the wide variety of resources provided, one thing I noticed throughout the health department was how they encouraged use of the stairs. At every elevator, there was a sign advocating for use of the stairs. I appreciated that along with the many health services and resources available to the community, they supported practical and immediate health promotion strategies to patrons and employees within the facility.
Services are provided for a variety of at-risk populations in Utah County, including:
-Teenage mothers
-Infants and children
-Senior citizens
-The uninsured

The health department offers physicals, screenings, and immunizations at their wellness clinic; however, they do not see patients who are sick. While they offer information about a volunteer clinic that provides care to the uninsured, there are no resources at the health department for those who are currently sick and seeking treatment.
ie: Seat belt safety, fall risk
Safe health practices
Registered nurse home visits
Smoking cessation resources
Secondary Healthcare:
Free screenings
Skin Cancer
Body mass index
Vision Screening
Blood pressure
Bone mass

Tertiary Healthcare
Registered Nurses
Operate as school nurses
Perform home visits
Provide infant care education
Work in the wellness clinic
Nurse practitioners
The Public Health Department Director
Work in the wellness clinic
Medical Doctor
Work in the wellness clinic
Are available to answer questions
WIC services are free of charge.
Free screenings are federally funded.
For services that require payment, monthly repayment plans can be established.
Insurances are billed for some services
Resources are available for immigrants, women, and children to help subsidize funding for certain services.

Utah County Health Department. (2008). Utah County Health Department. Retrieved November 15, 2016, from http://utahcountyonline.org/Dept2/Health/index.asp

Education courses
Chronic Illnesses
Assisting patrons to access financial or treatment resources

Outreach workers with translation abilities seek community members who may benefit from available resources.
Additionally, many healthcare staff members are able to speak Spanish. (Translation services, however, are not always available at the health department).
Community support groups meet regularly to encourage networking between international or immigrant families.
151 S University Ave,
Provo, UT 84601
Public Health Department Visit
Angela Cheney
Nursing 449
Sister Robertson
15 November 2016

Health Department Flyers, Utah County Public Health
Department. Personal photograph by author. 15 Nov. 2016.

15 November 2016
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