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Tweet Tweet

Twitter twitter twitter twitter

Lucie Bruns

on 29 April 2010

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Social Media. ? "... creation and exchange of user-generated content." ? Friends Messages Photos Location Pictures Videos Media E-mails Pokes Status updates Wall posts Shout-outs Tags Posts Memes Art Forums Announcements Events Screenshots Fan pages Bulletins Tweets Contact Information Phonebooks Blogs Blog posts Retweets Reblogs Contacts Collaborations Social Bookmarking News Trending Topics Photography Livecasting Music sharing Audio Sharing Presentation sharing Product reviews Businesses Community Q&A Virtual worlds Game sharing Wikis Interactions Relationship status updates Picture tags Business reviews Message boards Chat posts Search Image search Online gaming Prints Comments People Gadgets Widgets People search Connections User-generated content Subscriptions RSS feeds Blogger Livejournal Open Diary TypePad WordPress Vox Vox Expression Engine Xanga FMyLife Jaiku Plurk Twitter Tumblr Posterous Yammer Qaiku Facebook Geni Hi5 LinkedIn Myspace Ning Orkut Skyrock Qzone Vkontakte RenRen Kaixin A Small World Bebo Big Tent Flirtomatic Friend Feed Youtube Digg Mixx Reddit 140 characters Tweet! lists. Coworkers
Staff members
Etc Social Media? :D
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