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PiersonConsultus.Com By Sophie K. Pierson, Esq.

Business Development & Strategy for the Hospitality Industry.

Sophie Pierson

on 7 June 2010

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Transcript of PiersonConsultus.Com By Sophie K. Pierson, Esq.

Growing your business in the U.S.A.
Why? PiersonConsultus.com
Growing your Business in the U.S.A.
Are you using the appropriate legal entity to serve your tax needs? How is your digital image and digital brand doing?
How can you improve the way you lead people and manage work?
Are you open to employees feedback?
How is your BI- Business Intelligence doing?
Do you get the information you need to improve your profitatility? Are you using strategic alliances to grow your business?

The City of New York Wants to partner with you!

What's the relationship with the 18 agencies
you have to deal with everyday

Green Building (Tax Credits)

What about your landlord?

Example: Payard

Example: Parsons school of design with LVMH How do you protect your IP?
While entrepreneurial mythology glorifies the individual who by sheer willpower, and hard work creates a profitable business

The reality of most successful businesses of any size is usually a team story.
Did you think about your changing role in leading the organization structure and the roles of team members? An entrepreneur needs to have the opportunity to step back and reflect on the structures of his or her business,
not only the legal and commercial,
but also the human aspects of mamagement and organization.
Change and innovation are a normal part of any business.
Why PiersonConsultus.com? Change and innovation are a normal part of any business.
Is your Business Strategy giving you the Cash Flow you need? Do you Really Need an LLC? Foreign Parent may be subject to U.S.income Tax. If employment is At-Will and easier to manage
What is deemed discrimination
is not! 2010 a Great Year for Business?
Yes According to Experts!
lower costs are readily available
competition landscape opens up!

Microsoft was created in 1970 resulting from a crisis There are 24,600 Restaurants and Foodservice establishments in New York City.

There are only seven states* that have more Restaurants than New York City.

Their gross annual sales exceed $12 billion ($12,000,000,000).

The New York City Restaurant Industry employs 225,000 people, making it the largest employer here, too.
* California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Ohio The Restaurant Industry employs an estimated 12 million people, making it the nation’s largest employer outside of government.

Restaurant Industry sales were 4.4% of the U.S. domestic gross product in 2004.

The Restaurant Industry provides work for 9% of those employed in the United States.

With direct sales of $440 billion ($440,000,000,000), the overall economic impact of the Restaurant Industry exceeded $1.2 trillion ($1,200,000,000,000,000) in 2004. 14 Years of Bilingual Business & Legal Experience:
50 American Markets in the areas of:
Legal Strategy,
Business Development. Customers Feedback:

Strong project management skills: ability to manage several projects simultaneously and assess priorities;
Ability to work with no supervision and report accordingly;
Good Analytical Skills: Proficiency in all aspects of business analysis and business development including
Legal and Media aspects;
Ability and desire to thrive in a high-pressure, client-services environment;
Highly Organized and excellent multi-tasking skills;
Keen eye for business opportunities;
Effectively coach, develop and lead a team;
Effective Communicator;
Great Team Player;
Talent for recruitment and staff development;
Adaptable to Change;
Strong ethic and integrity;
Excellent French/English written and oral communication skills;
Knowledge of the luxury retail and hospitality industries. Clients include:

Gray Kunz GK Holding Group (Luxury Hospitality), New York, NY-Hong-Kong.
Clear Springs Co (Real Estate Development), New York, NY-Bartow, FL).
Satellite (Jewelry), New York-Paris (France).
O.J. Perrin (Fine Jewelry), Geneva -Paris (France).
Jacobs & Co (Fine Jewelry and watches), New York, NY.
Kinemo.com (Technology, Media, & Mobile Phones), Los Gatos, CA.
Google (Technology, Search Engine), Mountain View, CA.
www.Rocksandfame.com (Fashion Jewelry), New York, NY.
Cosmo Girl, New York, NY.
Fox News, New York, NY.
CBS: Inside Edition With Deborah Norville, New York, NY.
France Televisions Channel 2 and 3, New York, NY.
Thalassa, France 3, New York, NY. Chic.TV News York, NY.
United Nations Department of Public Information,New York, NY.
CBC: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Radio-Canada, New York, NY.
KTVU/FOX Channel 2-Cox Broadcasting, Oakland, CA.
Surface Magazine, San Francisco, CA.

Because it is a significant market for your development Thank You for Your Time!
408-515-8640 PiersonConsultus.com U.S. population 309,156,643
U.S. GDP: $14.6 Trillion US dollars in 2008

Source: World Bank, World Development Indicators However nobody invests in G.D.P but in Companies! Do you know what your customers like about your company or brand? How is your relationship with members of the U.S. Press? Welcome to PiersonConsultus.com!
Sophie K. Pierson, Esq.
A New York City Venture!
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