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No description

Maddison Gates

on 6 December 2014

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Transcript of Cellphora

This energetic organelle makes your cell's ATP energy and is where cellular respiration happens. Give your cell the energy to do all of it's jobs today! Only at Cellphora can you get this organelle in the limited edition color Punchy Pink!
Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
This ER is where proteins are specialized for specific uses all around your cells. Get your own Rough ER today or risk plain proteins! Check in the details for a special limited edition Cellphora deal!
This liquid keeps all your cell organelles in their place. Get this fabulous filler today to help your new cell parts stay in line! And the new designer cytoplasm is only available at Cellphora so make sure to check out the new color choices!
Golgi Bodies
Golgi Bodies modify the proteins and ship them out to the cell. Get your own Golgi Bodies today so your cell can use it's modified proteins!
By Emily Drozynski and Maddison Gates
Also known as the stomach of the cell, the lysosome breaks down all of your unwanted waste. They also digest food and viruses, so you can stay as healthy and beautiful as ever before!
This life-giving organelle, found exclusively in Plant Cells, is where photosynthesis happens. Get one of your own of these hot items today to give your plant cells life and a beautiful green color! Cellphora is currently the only retailer to offer different shades of this hot item, so don't forget to check out our new limited edition shades!
Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum
This fabulous organelle gets rid of any wastes and toxins in your cell and creates lipids. Detoxify and get fatty by buying your very own smooth ER today! Get a special Cellphora Deal by checking in the details box!
Cell Membrane
Tired of your cell parts unorganized and just floating around everywhere? Well not anymore with our new and improved cell membrane! It keeps all your cell parts inside the cell, and all the bad things out! Get our limited holiday edition just in time for the season!
Get rid of all your RNA by transferring them into proteins with the brand new ribosomes! These ribosomes float freely in your cells, so you don't have to struggle with the hassle of keeping them in one space.
Price: $49.99
Comes in Chocolate Brown and Ebony Black
Table of Contents
1. Nucleus
2. Cell Membrane
3. Ribosomes
4. Golgi Bodies
5. Lysosomes
6. Mitochondria
7. Smooth ER
8. Rough ER
9. Cytoplasm
10. Vacuoles
11. Chloroplast
Price: $79.99
Colors: Royal Purple and Punchy Pink
Price: $39.99
Buy a smooth ER and Rough ER together and get $10 off!
Enter: MGFEDPER2014 at checkout
Hurry- this deal wont last long!
Comes in Youthful Coral and Sunny Yellow

Price: $39.99
Buy a smooth ER and Rough ER together and get $10 off!
Enter: MGFEDPER2014 at checkout!
Hurry- this deal wont last long!
Colors: Vibrant Violet and Ruby Red
Price: $9.99
Choose your model and color:
Crystal Sparkles (Animal Cells compatible) or Crystal Green (Plant Cell compatible)
This essential organelle holds all of your cell's water. Don't get caught with a dehydrated cell! Buy your own water-storing vacuole for your cell today! Cellphora is the first retailer to offer two separate sizes for specific cells, so make sure to check that out!
Price: $29.99
Colors and Sizes: Small Royal Blue (For Animal Cells) and Large Sky Blue (For Plant Cells)

Price: $59.99
Comes in Kelly Green or Key Lime
This item is only for Plant Cells
The nucleus contains all the DNA you'll ever need! It also helps you grow, so you can be that tall person you've always wanted to be! Don't be the only person without a nucleus this season and buy yours now!
Price: $99.99.
Comes in Glossy Gold and Berry Blue
Price: $69.99
Price: $89.99
Comes in Crimson Red and Starry Blue
NEW HOLIDAY EDITION! $94.99 for Evergreen Green, Santa Red, and Sparkly Snow White
Get a free vacuole with the purchase of 5 or more lysosomes!

Price: $19.99
Comes in Grassy Green and Lovely Lavender
Comes in Blue/Green Ombré and Yellow/Orange Ombré
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