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My first term at high school!

No description

Hannah Shiers

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of My first term at high school!

High School!
By Hannah And every thing I like about it! FAVORITE AND LEAST FAVORITE SUBJECTS New Friends! Year 7! :-) High School! I came from primary school in September,
and I came with 7 other people! Only 4
others are in my class!
IT'S FUN AT SECONDARY SCHOOL! I like most subjects at high school and I have started to like some subjects which
I hated at primary... I have made loads of new friends and
here are a few of them!
Hannah Rebecca Elizabeth
Hollie Emily Asma
Millie Rachel Grace
Millie Jessica Fiza
Lilly Lauren Muskan
Eva Mollie Evie
Kate Georgie
Emma Oh and also I love the food here!
Better than my old schools! I have joined one club at high school which is
dance... I never thought I would join dance but it's really fun, especially with your friends! I LIKE IT! Fave Subjects: Science
Thinking and Learning Least Favorite Subjects Technology
Geography I Enjoy MOST Of The Subjects I do! Trust Me The List Goes On! I have one good friend who is not in my class and I have known her since I was born! :-(
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