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Australian Sports

Linh, Sofie und Kieu

Kieu Linh Quan Thi

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Australian Sports

Surfing The Cricket field Cricket The Football Horse Racing Netball field Netball Sp rts in Australia Western
Australian Victoria Tasmanien New South
Whales The best Surf Places Equipment you'll need 5 facts about surfing originate from Oceania
4000 years old
long tradition in Hawaii
longest ride ever 37 min.
surfclub in Hawaii makes
surfing famous 5 facts about cricket dates from England
played over 200 years
"Ashes" : traditional match
1890 -1914 'Golden Age Of Cricket'
longest cricket match :1939 14 days (ended with a tie) Australia national cricket team one of the best cricket teams of the world
captain : George Bailey
Cricket star : Michael Clarke 3 facts about Aussie rules 3 facts about Horse
record : 3 Min 16 sec.
holiday since 1877
3 categories of horse racing sources 5 facts about Netball
national competition ->' Commonwealth Bank Trophy'
first game : England 1892
winter sport
mainly played by girls / women
cannot be played in mixed teams http://www.memphiswomensrugby.com/Documents/Rugby%20Basics.pdf
also books from library =) almost 200 years old
called simple 'footy' or 'football'
reminds of rugby Variations of Neetball Equipment for the night for the day Aussie Rules The Pitch Melbourne Cup since 1865
1st Tuesday of November
"Crown Oaks"
3,2 km
4 kg gold trophy + 6,2 mio $ Indoor Netball For Children We used.....
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