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Intersectionality and LGBTQ

No description

Jacob Baril

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Intersectionality and LGBTQ

Intersectionality and LGBTQ
Intersectionality- The observation and study of the discrimination between different groups of minorities.
8.3 percent of women between the ages of 18 and 29 years old identify as gay or transgender; whereas, only 4.6 percent of men in this age group identify this way (Krehely & Miller, 2012).

Transgender women are 6 times more likely than the general population to experience significant depressive symptoms (Gonzalez, Bockting, Beckman, & Duran, 2012).

Transgender people experience the highest rates of suicidal ideation, with 41 percent of respondents in a recent study of more than 6,400 transgender people reporting that they have attempted suicide at some point in their lives (Cray, 2012).

According to the National Center For Injury Prevention and Control, suicide is the third leading cause of death among persons aged 15-24 years old, with 15.8% of high school students reporting the had seriously considered attempting suicide in the past year. It is also reported that females are more likely than males to have had suicidal thoughts.
Sex- The biological makeup of one's reproductive organs. Simply, are you male or female.

Gender- It is the social role of being male or female. It is determined by a person's lifestyle and not by biology.
Our Story
Jacob Baril
Sierra Harris
Lauren Hunt
Sean O'Brien
Sarah Roth
Tom Sweeney
What is Intersectionality
Sex Vs. Gender
What's Wrong Here?
2. Statistics
1. What is Intersectionality
3. Sex Vs. Gender
4. Our Story
5. What's Wrong Here?
6. Conclusion
7. Discussion
8. Works Cited
Works Cited
Being Discriminated against because of your gender and your sexual orientation.
Susie and Stephen

told to use the faculty restroom

Stephen used the men's room regularly until he got caught - Received a warning

Susie regularly used the faculty restroom

used the ladies room

was reprimanded by the principle and suspended for three days
Stephen and Susie were discriminated against for being transgender.

Susie had a harsher punishment than Stephen.

The school had no right to force them to use the faculty restrooms.
How should the school have handled the situation?

Is there a difference between pre operation and post operation transgender?

Did Susie and Stephen do anything wrong to begin with?

Other Questions???
Center For American Progress (2011, June). Gay and transgender people face high rates of workplace discrimination and harassment.

Cray, A. (2012, September). After Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Ensuring the health of gay and transgender veterans.

Gonzalez, C. A., Bockting, W. O., Beckman, L. J., & Duran, R. E. (2012). Agentic and communal personality traits: Their associations with depression and resilience among transgender women. Sex Roles, 67(9-10), 528-543.

Krehely, J., & Miller, K. (2012, October). New data demonstrate the unique needs of gay and transgender families.

National Center For Injury Prevention And Control (2012). Suicide Facts at a Glance (). Washington, DC: U.S. Government Printing Office.

Daily Kos (August 2012). FAA Amends Rules about Transgender Pilots.
As of now, the Colorado Association of School Boards has no rules addressing transgender bathroom usage, leaving it up to the school to define a policy

Transgender bathrooms are a step forward to reducing the discrimination they experience while using the restroom

There is an application for iPhones called TranSquat which has a national database of gender-neutral bathrooms
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