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Coextrusion Blown Film Line

No description

Adrian Hidalgo Charpenel

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Coextrusion Blown Film Line

Coextrusion Blown
Film Lines Plastic Films

Thin continuous polymeric materials
Used to:
Separate areas or volumes
Hold items
Act as barriers
As printable surfaces Extrusion Coextrusion Blown Film Extrusion COLLIN Coextrusion Blown Film Lines General Specs:

From 2 to 9 layers
Optional air or water
cooling for film bubbles
With diameters from 20 to 350 mm
Easy operation and quick change-over COLLIN multi-layer blown film lines are used for the development of products from multi-layer composites in laboratories, pilot plants or for small scale productions. Collin units can be easily adapted to perform different tasks. Modules for Multi-Layer Blown Film Lines Coextrusion Dies The coextrusion die is the heart of the multi-layer line. The main modules of a multi-layer line are as follows: Coextrusion dies
Extruder and Extruder carriage
Melt pump
Film haul-off
Central Control Extruder:
Product Range Extruder Carriages:

Flexible melt hoses
Hydraulically adjustable system
Height adjustment by motor Extruders and Extruder Carriages Film Haul-offs a)Air cooling
b)Water cooling Central Control Each extruder can be equipped with an ECS microprocessor control unit
Die and all downstream units equipped with an ECS control
Ergonomically designed operator panel All control units are connected to a master computer to manage:

All set value points
Formulation parameters
Activate the extruders
Record all measured values Technical Data Different
Applications 2 to 3-layer Blown Film Lines 5-Layer Blown Film Lines 3-Layer Blown Film Line with water cooling (Quenching) Double Bubble Film Lines for the production of biaxially oriented film bubbles Melt Pumps BENEFITS Variety of possible applications
Total Control of the process
Time Saving = $ Saving
Great Investment Represented By: Adrian Hidalgo Charpenel
adriancharpenel@gmail.com GRACIAS ! Operation Method Guiding the product downward into a water calibration tank.
Effective for an efficient and high quality production of thick-walled blown film.
Thickness of 170 to 300 μm. Elevated Extruders
Film bubble guided down into a water cooling ring
Collapsed, dried, treated by a film gauge equalising unit if required or just cut off and wound onto rolls. Advantages The inside of the bag remains clean
High clarity of the PP composite
The use of suitable materials, for the different layers adapts the desired properties to the requirements Compact design
Low stack height
Clean room suitable
Material selection according to costumer requirements Also... Main Components Extruders

Water Calibration

The cooling system Die

Data acquisition

Take-offs Optimally adapted (throughput and polymer)
Gravimetric metering ensures precisely even layer thickness and quality level Core element of the line
An accomplished water flow adjusment system ensures homogeneus cooling even at high take-off speeds Optimally adjustable water cooling system provides absolutely clean cooling water The concept of the coextrusion die with a radial melt distributor guarantees:
low stack height
short resident times
optimal thickness distribution of each individual layer
quick change over of die inserts to acommodate different layflat widths The central VDU screen control ensures an easy and reproducible line control and the documentation of all processes. Reproducible film guiding conditions
The control of parameters such as the film bubble diameter, speed, geometric data or the web tension is optimised prior to the production COLLIN philosophy focuses on integrating the special requirements of the costumers into a product development concept. This concept ensures finding the right solutions for a wide variety of problems in the area of plastic processing. o dfdfdfdf dfdfdfdfdfpooooO
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