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Team Building/Conflict Resolution & StrengthsQuest

No description

Tanesha Young

on 7 August 2013

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Transcript of Team Building/Conflict Resolution & StrengthsQuest

Team Building & Conflict Resolution with StrengthsQuest
By: Samantha Liu and Tanesha Young

Thinking of Team.......
Recall a time when you were on a team.
Describe the role you usually play on a team.
How does your role on a team relate to your talent themes?

Why Partnerships?
Leverage lesser talent
(Ex: Communication-lesser vs. intense talent when presenting new initiative at work)
Combine individual talent
(Ex: Car dealer)
(Ex: Focus and Achiever talent partnering when crunch time on a project)

Partnerships = achievement of something greater together that could not be achieved apart
Conflict Resolution
Complementary Partners Activity
Talents & Teamwork
Strengths Development Model:
Knowledge of Others
Successful relationships are built on positive perceptions of others' unique strengths
Gain feedback and enhance understanding
Results in increased communication, engagement in team process, and more effectiveness in your role on the team
The Uniqueness of Others
Theme Dynamics in Partnerships
Understanding how your talents work together
Understanding how this dynamic can create a partnership that utilizes each other's talents

Arranger + Achiever
= Even though I may have many projects going on at one time on any given day, I have to be able to complete some each day so I can check them off my list.
Futuristic + Maximizer
= I am always thinking about what our company could do to serve our clients better in the future.
Partnership Opportunity:
Partner B could tell Partner A what he sees that would enhance service to the clients. Partner A could begin to focus on those activities in the present - making them happen and getting them done today rather than waiting for the future.

Conflict Resolution
Ideation Communication Relator Input Achiever

Activator Command Belief Futuristic Strategic
Marissa Nancy

In what ways might their relationship be strong?
If they don't see themselves as effective partners, what might be causing the frustration?
What could you help them focus on to keep them moving forward?

Which of your talents brings value to a partnership and/or team?
Team Talent Map
Understanding Teams
What is a team?
"A group of people with a full set of complementary skills required to complete a task, job, or project."

Team members are expected to:
Operate with a high degree of interdependence
Share authority and responsibility for self-management
Be accountable for the collective performance
Work toward a common goal and shared rewards

(www.businessdictionary.com, 2013)
Additional questions?
How can you leverage your talents to resolve conflicts?


Learning Outcomes
1. Discover how one's talent themes contribute to his or her role on a team.

2. Understand the benefits of a partnership

3. Describe how talent themes can help resolve conflict.
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