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Shonda Stanton

on 14 January 2018

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Transcript of THE NEXT 60 FEET

Times to record
H to 1B
stolen base
Home to Home
Agility tests - pro agility,
4 corners, star drill, etc.

Shonda Stanton
Head Softball Coach - Indiana University
304.416.1532 / shostant@iu.edu
@coachstanton / @indianasoftball

Citizenship in a Republic - Theodore Roosevelt
"The Man in the Arena."
Daring Greatly
by Brene Brown
- No stat to quantify pressure
- Low Risk = High Reward
- Lower risk by teaching skillset

Define your speed
Know your personnel
- how fast
- quickness
- change of directions & IQ
- sliding ability
- past success
Toes, knees, hips & shoulders pointed in direction running!
Start low, tuck chin
70 mph = .35 Sports Science on speed in softball
.05 = 2 feet
Accuracy matters
TEACHING - Common Language

2.59 on laser
2.7ish Hto1B contact
2.5 or better 1B to 2B
10.92 HtoH on contact
2.73-2.8 H to 1B
2.6 steal
11.27 H to H
47 SB's in 50 GP
51 SB's in 56 GP
Drill Fundamentals
Situations Controlled
Situations Front Toss
Controlled Coach Hit
Baserunning Progression
Marshall University 1st - ZERKLE, M. singled to pitcher. ZERKLE, M. stole second. GREENE, K. struck out swinging. D'ORAZIO, E. grounded out to p; ZERKLE, M. advanced to third. ZERKLE, M. stole home.
Marshall got started right from the beginning as the Herd
jumped out to an early 2-0 lead in the first inning. Sophomore Elicia D’Orazio (Clermont, Fla.) got the offense rolling with a single down the left field line. She then
stole second
before senior Kaelynn Greene (Eastvale, Calif.) was walked. Greene then
stole second
after the walk and as the defense threw to second D’Orazio
stole home
and put the first run on the board. Greene later crossed the plate on a wild pitch after
stealing third.

2017 162-192
2016 154-187

2015 153-194
2014 119-148

2013 133-166

2012 135-165


2011 134-156

2010 125-145
2009 125-156

2008 37-59

2007 96-124

-lean, break it down, look over right shoulder, get to edge of grass, turn to your left, walk back slowly looking for open bag.
1B coach pick up 3B coach for signs.
- drop bat, first step with back leg
Look for false steps

Check positioning of first basemen

Remove secondary lead

1-1.5 body lengths + depending on 1B

Out quick / back quick

Keep your feet moving
Great position as a middle pre-pitch:
athletic, thumbs up, chest forward, rear up & out, very athletic with the ability to move.

Get out further if have time to be in this position! We don't want chest square to the plate.
Types of Steals
- straight steal any base
- delay anytime
- slip
- after a walk, hit
- pitching change or conference
- after squeeze with throw H
- 1st & 3rds: good delay, bad delay, off the pitcher

SS -positioning? footspeed? first step?
Catcher - drops to knees? too many steps? lobs ball? mask? over aggressive?
P - checks runners? which way turns? arm strength? can throw overhand?
2B covering- athleticism? positioning?
Open bags after impact play, bad call, any emotion
listen to the D they tell you what to run
Teach your athletes what to look for & to check D.

Have them coach bases in practice.

Give them freedom - they are just outs.
Communicate prior, reinforce during.
Coach to Coach communication early.

Delayed signals to runners without indicator

Understanding of hand signals - be consistent. Move & quit watching lead runner!

Leads at 2B
- check OF, always think score
- angle, straight or around SS
- take lead when arm top of circle
- get big, throw behind take 3B

Leads at 3B
- aggressive either foot on bag
-L foot on bag expecting ball to the green
- walking lead; delayed lead
- never get picked rally killer
Take lead when P heel down
"A coach will impact more young people in a year than the average person does in a lifetime." Billy Graham
But really think of how great the imprint is that our athletes leave on us and our programs.
1st & 3rds
- what is the objective?
- understand execution
- understand types of plays
- take what the D gives you
- commands
- run something!
runner @ 3B
stay close, break on throw, bait the throw, bait the cut, read it be aggressive, you're good
runner @ 1B
good delay, bad delay, straight steal

1. Pitcher's release time
2. Catcher's Pop Time
3. Your runner's time on steal
P + C > runner's time = Run!
Motivated by what we
"Too big to do the little things, too little to do big things"
How many ways to score from 3B?
 Wild Pitch.
 Passed ball.
 Ground ball through the infield
 An error by an infielder which eludes her by couple of feet
 Short pop up just beyond the infield that is dropped by a fielder.
 Short line drive or a bloop single just over the infield.
 Sacrifice fly.
 Fair pop up dropped by an infielder with 2 outs.
 Fly ball dropped by an outfielder.
 Bases loaded walk.
 Bases loaded hit batter.
 Wild throw by the catcher back to the pitcher.
 Ground ball runners on 1B and 3B, no outs and the defense decides to go for the double play.
 .Wild throw by catcher in attempting to pick the runner off third base.
 Wild throw by catcher attempting to throw out runner trying to steal 2B.
 Dropped throw from catcher on an attempted steal of 2B.
 Runners on 1B & 3B, less than 2 outs, the runner on 1B heads for 2B, the catcher throws to the cutoff, who makes a wild throw back to the catcher.
 Suicide squeeze bunt.
 Safety squeeze
 Steal of home.
 Wild throw by an infielder attempting to throw out the batter at 1B.
 Interference by an infielder during a rundown play at third base
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