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How to manage stress

No description

Mateo Perez

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of How to manage stress

How to manage stress-Mateo P.
fight-or-flight is when you are is danger, and you fight or run away
what are the types of stress?
Acute- exciting or a thrilling stress
Episodic Acute-when you are in a crisis or chaos
Chronic-a very bring down stress, sadness
ways to manage stress
stress ball
doing something you like
talking to someone
what is stress?
Stress- the body's natural responds to actions happening around you
what causes stress?
stresstors or the sources of stress cause stress
the time I had stress
I had stress when my brother told me to go on a coaster called the Griffin. It was episodic acute stress. when I was going to the top and it stopped right at the edge, and fell!!! I yelled really loud!! i could not of handled it better
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