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Shirley Temple :)

No description

Kayla Masangya

on 2 June 2013

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Transcript of Shirley Temple :)

Childhood Shirley Temple
-Her full name is Shirley Jane Temple
-April 23, 1928
-Santa Monica, California
-Santa Monica hospital
-Parents are George & Gertrude Temple
-Siblings are Sonny & Jack Temple
-George is a bank teller
-Gertrude is a housewife Growing By: Kayla Marie I. Masangya Do you know who
Shirley Temple is? Well if
you don't, she is one of the
greatest and most talented
child stars in America. -Shirley's favorite color is pink
-Her favorite food is whipped potatoes
and roast beef
-Franklin Delanor Roosevelt gave the nickname
Little Miss Miracle to Shirley
-She went to Westlake School for Girls, Harvard Westlake School and Mrs. Meglin's Dance Studio
-She has a pet turtle
-Shirley Temple Cocktail, Dirty Shirley
-Temple Blue
-Her favorite candy is lollipops Fun Facts Even though I wasn't born yet when she was still dancing and singing, I bet she was very talented Shirley changed California
with her amazing acting,
dancing, singing and her cuteness. How she changed California -She went to Mrs. Meglin's Dance Studio
in Los Angeles and that's where she learned how
to dance
-She landed a role in Stand Up and Cheer
in 1933
-she made fourteen short films
-forty-three featured films
-and over twenty-five
storybook films
-On 1934 she
stared in her first
movie "Caroline"
-When Stand Up
and Cheer was
released it became
a national sensation
-Shirley has personified
young Hollywood ever
-For most of the the twentieth century
she has been the country's little princess
-She has won Screen Actors Guide Life Achievement
Award and a Kennedy Honor Award Child Star Good luck needs
no explanations. Quotes -She got married with Air Force Sargent John Agar when she was seventeen
-Then they had daughter named Linda Susan
-Later the couple divorced in 1949
-In 1950 Shirley married businessman Charles Alden Black
-Then Shirley retired from movies
-Then they had two kids named Charles Alden
Black Jr. and Lori Black
-On August 20, 1974 Shirley was
selected to be the United Nation Ambassador to Ghana by President by Gerald Ford
-In the summer of 1974 Shirley was about to be appointed by President Richard Nixon as an ambassador to a diplomatic post in Africa
-now she is 85 years old Quotes Conclusion Introduction Shirley acting Shirley as a
teenager Shirley getting
married Shirley
dancing Shirley and John Agar Shirley and
Black George and
Gertrude Shirley as
a baby Shirley as
a kid Shirley
acting Up
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