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No description

sydney russell

on 30 October 2015

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Transcript of Smarties

Where are colony is
Our new settlement will be built in the Coastal Plains.
By the coast has the most waterways.
It would be the best place for farming because of the nice soil and plenty of water.

On the down sides
There will still be problems with the Native Americans
But there won’t be as much as if we were in the great Plain
So natrul disasters Hurricanes and Tsunamis because way back then

There will be freedom of religion in our colony.

Mixed Economy
We would have a mixed economy
Like the United states it’s one the most efficient economies

The founder
The founder of our colony will be Sydney. I believe that you can be whatever religion you feel and that if there are Native Americans they don’t attack us and we just trade. Also I think a mixed economy will help make a nice and stable colony.

Make log houses and bring materials too.

Reason you should come to are colony
The reason you should come to our colony is because there will be a free religion and good land for farming, a nice economy, little to no Native American attacks.
Also you would need to bring seeds.
If there are special things you want to plant.
If they don’t have it in the Coastal plains because Mexico and Texas have different food and animals in each area.
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