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Professional Services Case Interview

No description

Emile Chang

on 13 December 2017

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Transcript of Professional Services Case Interview

Professional Services Case Interview
Thank you for your time and I look forward to speaking with you furthermore for my opportunity with Tourico Holiday Travel Academy.
Presented to you by:
Emile Chang Jr.
January 14, 2015
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
Case 1: WestJet
Point of Contact: Karen IT Manager, Toronto
Solution 3:
We will start sending the information for hotels in area we have a strong preference. North America, then South America, Asia and finally Europe.
Case 2: Airmiles
Issue 3: 30 Days to give Airmiles tax entity information
Solution for Issue 2
Contact the Information Technology department to get a break down of the hotel location. Also set a system that calculates the taxes on the print out of each hotel booked.
Main Focus: SQL Database is not compatible with outsource company, HBSI
Solution 1: Send Less information to speed up process.
Solution 2: Divest in Europe and focus in areas we are strong.
Solution 3: Slow integration beginning in areas where we have advantage.
Only purchase top tier hotels. However not the cheapest hotels.
Issue 2:Asses a way for Airmiles to purchase top tier 2 hotels and boutique hotels
Research popular travel destinations that are requested through Airmiles. Bring up demographics; age groups, price ranges, and activites that they are looking for.
Solution for Issue 3
Case 3: TAM Airlines
Based in Brazil. Hotelbed is ranked #1 in total revenue. We are ranked #2.
Issue 4: High Cancellation Rate: 70% but it drops during the Mega Promo season (<5%).
Solutions for Issue #4
Create a harsher cancellation policy. Certain airlines and hotels charge customers very little for canceling reservations. (I.E travel insurance) This policy would provide greater incentive to not cancel. We could compare hotel cancellation policies from other hotels and either match or improve their policies as a starting point

Brazil has hit economic turmoil this previous holiday season. Salaries have increased but so have rents. Research more about Brazilian population dynamics to assess for the years to come

Extend the cancellation time frame and sell the hotels on incentive. Determine the number of people that cancel on average and overbook the available hotels.
Case 4: Interep
Issue 5: Can't sell products because the information is not translated into Portuguese
1. Translate information to Portuguese. Hire software engineers to translate the products into Portuguese. We could allow the page to be used in Google translate. Microsoft also has a widget that allows for automated translation.

2.12,000 hotels with 100 rooms in each hotel. 1,200,000 rooms in total. Appr $50.00 per night. Potential revenue is $60M. Instead of changing the names of the room we can create a recode or use a switch function that would translate the names of the hotel from one company to another
Hire 120 new employees, 1 person responsible for 100 hotels at $80,000 salary = 9.6 million in cost. We would still be able to maintain or even increase profit margin with the cost that is saved
TH is ranked 4th in Revenue spent. HB and JAC are ranked #1 and #2 respectively. Low Cost Beds is ranked #3 (our clients). They sell products to Interep from us. These products include Disney World, Universal, SeaWorld, and London Eye
Issue 6: Hotel inventory is available but due their outdated system, there are problems matching room types
Point of contact: VP Operations, Tech, Accounting
Point of contact: All Senior Executives
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