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Maths Year 12 Welcome Day

No description

Phil Beynon

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Maths Year 12 Welcome Day

Year 12 Welcome Day A-Level Maths A-Level
Further Maths Year 12 Year 13 Further Pure 1 Mechanics 2 Year 12 Year 13 Core 3 Core 4 Statistics 1
Mechanics 1 Core 1 Core 2 Mechanics 1
Statistics 1 What characteristics are we looking for? Self-motivated Do I have to worry about failing my first year? Only if you choose the A-Level for the wrong reasons.
Only if you do little to no work outside the lessons.
Only if you are not self-motivated and do not seek support when you need it. What sort of students struggle to do well at AS Level Maths? Most B grade GCSE students find the jump to A-Level very hard (if they are prepared to work very hard and are committed, these students can do well).
Those who are not Well Organised, Self-Motivated and Hard Working.
Those who are not completely happy with the Higher GCSE Algebra and Trigonometry content. See Mr B
about Ex 3A Q1,2,7 Year 12 Maths A-Level Maths Core 1 Core 2 Statistics 1
Mechanics 1 Autumn: Spring/
Summer: Student's will begin the coursework task for Core 3 in the Summer Term after the May/June examinations. Core 1 Core 2 Mechanics 1 Autumn: Spring/
Summer: Student's will begin the coursework task for Core 3 in the
Summer Term after the May/June examinations and also begin some crucial C3/C4 concepts early. Decision 1 Further Pure 1 EXAMINATION OF ALL 3 MODULES WILL TAKE PLACE DURING THE SUMMER TERM Mechanics 2 EXTENSION Mechanics 2 Mechanics 1 EXTENSION 4
LESSONS/WK & Further Maths Well Organised Very Hard Working! Maths & Further Maths A-Levels Year 12 Decision 1 Further Pure 2 Statistics 2 Decision 2 Question 1: Factorise the following quadratic expression: x - 5x - 24 2 Question 2: express the following as a fully simplified fraction: 3x + 2 2 Question 3: Factorise the following expression completely: 4a b + 8ab - 14ab 2 Question 5: Evaluate the following, leaving your answer as a single simplified fraction: 4 - 6 -1 Question 6 Expand and simplify: (3x + 5)(2x - 7) Question 4: Simplify the following surd as much as possible: 48 Question 7: Write down an appropriate algebraic expression
for an ODD number: Question 10: Solve the following equation: (x - 5)(4x + 3) = 0 Question 8: When considering a right angled triangle, which is the correct
TRIGONOMETRIC ratio for cos(x)? opposite Question 9: P = 4m + 7 x - x 8 2 -1 hypotenuse hypotenuse adjacent adjacent hypotenuse S.O.H.C.A.H.T.O.A Answer 2: -5x +2 Answer 3: Answer 5: 1 Answer 6: 6x - 11x - 35 Answer 7: 2n + 1 Answer 8: Answer 9: 7 Answer 10: x = 5 Answer 1: (x - 8)(x + 3) x 2 2ab(2a + 4 - 7b) Answer 4: 4 3 12 2 2n - 1 or adjacent hypotenuse m Make m the subject of the following
formula: P - 4 m = x = - 3/4 and 10 Questions
Keep track of your score out of 10. Sum-thing to think about....
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