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The Ktunaxa People

No description

Jananan .V.S.

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of The Ktunaxa People

The Ktunaxa People Food The Ktunaxa people hunted for lots of different animals to eat and make weapons out of. They mostly ate Salmon Fish's and Mammoths.The men of the Plateau were skilled hunters. There were many animals in the Plateau region, so they hunted for a wide variety of food. The animals that the Ktunaxa people hunted and ate were Deers, Mules, Elk, Black Bears, Mountain Goats, Caribou, Beaver, Coyote, Fox, Raccoon,Hare, Marten,Porcupine, Big horn sheep, Weasle, Large animals and they even gather some food. Clothing The Ktunaxa people weared some awsome clothings
that were for traditions and ceremonys.The people used beads to decorate a lot of their clothing. Most of the beads were made out of soapstone.They also decorated their clothing with paint.The clothings that they weared was
Beaded necklace, Beaded moccasins, Nlaka'pamux painted rawhide bad, Women's deerskin dress, Fur poncho, Leather mittens,Fur cape, Leather moccasins and many more. Shelter The people of the Plateau region were semi-nomadic, meaning they moved around in search of food. Therefore, they needed shelters that were easy to take down and set up. The Ktunaxa people had many different types of home.They lived in one of three shelters, depending on the season: a pit house, a tipi, or a tule-mat lodge. The Pit house was mainly for the winter,Ktunaxa tule mat tipi was mainly for the summer and the Tule mat lodge was allso for the summer, all these houses were made from wood and mud and other things. Social Structure Plateau society was communal and generally free of classes (unlike the Northwest Coast people). Within each community, sharing of food, and other resources was expected. Ktunaxa leaders are the Ktunaxa Elders;In Ktunaxa society all the decision making power was given to the Elders, because they had more life experience and were considered to be very wise. Way Of Life The Plateau people lived and traveled together in family groups. Men and Women both had certain responsibilities.The Men are responsible for Hunting, Making tools, Trapping, Fishing and Warfare.The Women are responsible for Preparing food, Harvesting plants (Berry's & Roots), Caring for the children & home Warfare. Traditions and Customs The Plateau people held ceremonies throughout the year to mark special occasions. The Nlaka'pamux ceremonial Headdress and the Secwepemc drum was how they dressed up for "The Winter Guardian Spirit Dance". The Nlaka'pamux ceremonial Headdress was how they dressed for the "The Sun Dance"One important time of the year for the Plateau people was the arrival of spring. They held celebrations at the start of spring to mark the first salmon run or the appearance of the first berries.
The ceremonies involved a lot of music and dancing which were both used to summon up religious powers.
It was mainly singing, but they used other instruments too like bird-bone flutes, rattles (deer hooves), sticks striking boards, and hide covered wooden drums.
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