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21st Century Book Talks

No description

H Neltner

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of 21st Century Book Talks

A traditional book talk is typically a teacher or librarian -centered advertisement for a book, delivered to a small group.
Transform traditional book talks into a 21st Century experience to super charge student interest in reading.
Book Talks & Book Trailers
Aurasma is an Augmented Reality app that allows the user to superimpose computer generated content with a trigger image of some kind.

It is the perfect way to combine a traditional book talk with a book cover.

Collaborate with Brad Gustafson & World Book Talk
following Brad on Twitter @GustafsonBrad
Check out his blog: Adjusting Course
Follow the hashtag #WorldBookTalk on Twitter
Animoto is a cloud based service that allows you to upload photos and create videos. Animoto is engaging, easy to use, and fun for the students.
Can create 30 second videos quickly and easily.
For longer videos, sign up for a teacher account.
Preparing & Prewriting
Preparation is the key for a successful student book talk or book trailer. The student needs to be prepared to use the software or tools that you are using, and, in addition, the student needs to have put some thought in to what they want to say or portray in their book talk or trailer.

Familiarize students with the tools they will be using. Give them some time to practice and get a feel for how the tool works.
Offer the students some type of pre-writing guide, template, or storyboard to organize their thoughts.
Provide students a framework for saving the images or videos they will need to collect.
21st Century Book Talks
Sharing books with digital tools
"Whatever side people sit on, be it a reader or non-reader, a book trailer will fill that gap in a powerful, potent way. It's a powerful tool for 21st Century students"
- Naomi Bates

Chance, Rosemary and Teri Lesesne. "Rethinking Reading Promotion." Teacher Librarian, 39.5. 26-28. Academic Search Premier. Web. 27. Feb. 2014.
Book trailers are movie trailer type advertisements made by students or professionals for books that can be created and shared in a variety of ways. Use movie making software, podcasting and augmented reality to share.
Have Students Use a Storyboard
...Or Give Students a
Book Talk Template
Gather Media
Provide students with a framework to gather the media (photos, music, video) they will need.
Consider how students will organize their media so they can access it quickly.
Save to flashdrives?
Network folders?
iPad folders?
Instruct students on the importance of using Public Domain images and music
Google - Advanced Search Settings
Flickr - Creative Commons
Morgue Files

Before you get started, consider the following:
How do you want students to prewrite?
Where will students obtain media?
Will they search online?
Generate all content themselves?
How will students organize media for the project?
How will students create their project?
What tools will they need?
What programs will they use?
What training will they need?
How will students share their projects?
YouTube v SchoolTube?
QR Codes

Consider the age and needs of your students and the technology available as you make a decision about the method of creating your book trailers/ book talks.
Methods of Creating & Tools Needed
Possible Tools Students will Need
Desktop computers
Tablets or Smart Devices (iPod touch etc)
Digital cameras
Video cameras
Popular Methods of Creating
Animoto - web based
Audacity - podcasting
Aurasma - iOS/Android app
iMovie - app or desktop
Windows MovieMaker
Download the Aurasma App, then scan this QR Code with a QR Code reader to follow the World Book Talk Channel
Audacity is a podcasting software that would be perfect for students who just want to create and share a book talk.
You can download the software to your desktop for free at audacity.sourceforge.net/download
You will need a microphone for this
Consider setting up a recording station with a desktop or laptop and microphone in the library for students to record and save their podcasts
iMovie is a desktop or iOS app that you can use to combine images and sound recording into a video.

If you use the app on the iPads, no extra microphones or storage device is needed; although, students may need some direction in organizing images so they can access them easily.

Scan this QR Code to view the series of how to videos for creating book trailers in iMovie

Windows Movie Maker
Movie Maker is similar to iMovie in that you can combine images and sound to create a book trailer.

In the newest version of Movie Maker you can export videos as an .mp4, which is helpful in sharing, and you also have the option to add titles, text and rolling credits which is beneficial when providing source material.

Download Movie Maker here: http://goo.gl/3StxSd

Students will need a microphone & solution for where to save files.

Once your students have completed their masterpieces, you are for sure going to want to share them with a wider audience.
Methods of Sharing
Making Book Trailers/Talks Accessible
QR Codes that link to book trailers/talks on the back of books or on a book display
Display of trigger images or book covers that students can scan
Include links to content in Destiny
Popular Methods of Sharing
School websites, if you can upload video/ audio content
YouTube - often blocked
SchoolTube - after you set up your account email the tech support and request moderator status
Advanced Google Search
scan code for resources

Animoto and Audacity Resources
Full transcript