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JFK Assassination Theories

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on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of JFK Assassination Theories

JFK Assassination Theories
By: Jessica Ball

The Assassination was Planned by the Soviet Union
During the time the assassination, the relationship between the Soviet Union and the United States was strained at best. A popular theory at the time was that the assassination of JFK was arranged by the Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev. The reasoning behind this wildly popular theory is that Kennedy had embarrassed Khrushchev during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and that Khrushchev wanted revenge. Other evidence is that Oswald mysteriously defected to the Soviet Union and returned to the US along with a Russian wife not long before the assassination took place.
The Mafia Shot JFK
At the time of the assassination the Mafia had investments in multiple casinos in Cuba. Conspiracy theorists claim that the Mafia carried out the hit because of their anger at the president after the Bay of Pigs Invasion, which crushed their hope of organized crime to come to Cuba. According to David E. Scheim the assassination was organized by mob bosses Carlos Marcello, Santos Trafficante and Jimmy Hoffa.
Carlos Marcello
Jimmy Hoffa
Santos Trafficante
JFK Assassination
Santos Trafficante
Trafficante was born in Florida on November 14, 1914. He gained most of his power through his father, who was also a mobster. He was said to be the most powerful mobster in Batista era Cuba. His reign of power ended after his casinos tanked after Castro's revolution, and he was expelled from the country.
Jimmy Hoffa
Jimmy Hoffa was born on February 14, 1913, in Brazil, Indiana. In the 1930s he became a labor organizer. He helped organize the first national freight-hauling agreement. He vanished without a trace in 1975, and while he is gone, the legacy of Jimmy Hoffa lives on.
Carlos Marcello
Carlos "The Little Man" Marcello was a North African immigrant that moved to America and joined Sylvestro Carolla's crime organization. After learning the ropes he became the leader of the New Orleans mob, and held that position for 30 years. He died on March 3rd, 1993.
Witnesses Thought to Have Been Killed
Dorothy Kigallen
Sam Giancana
John Roselli
Carlos Prio
Jimmy Hoffa
Charles Nicoletti
Leo Moceri
Richard Cain
Lee Bowers
Gary Underhill
William Sullivan
David Ferrie
Clay Shaw
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Death of Witnesses
This theory arose in 1973 because of the film Executive Action. Later Jim Marrs presented a list of 103 witnesses of the assassination that had died under suspicious circumstances. Marrs noted that "these deaths certainly would have been convenient for anyone not wishing the truth of the JFK assassination to become public." The House Select Committee on Assassinations looked into the mysterious deaths that provoked this theory. The committee's chief of research stated: "Our final conclusion on the issue is that the available evidence does not establish anything about the nature of these deaths which would indicate that the deaths were in some manner, either direct or peripheral, caused by the assassination of President Kennedy or by any aspect of the subsequent investigation." However, this statement has done little to deter the believers of the theory.
Jim Marrs
Theory #1
Theory #2
Theory #3
The assassination of John F. Kennedy shook the nation. Losing a great president that had done many amazing things for this country was a national tragedy. After Lee Harvey Oswald, the man suspected of killing JFK, was shot, the nation never received closure, which is why there are so many conspiracy theories about the assassination. Although we may never know the truth, we can rest assured John F. Kennedy's life was not a waste, and know that in his short lifetime, he did some great things for our country.
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