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Future Careers

No description

Taytay Cahoon

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Future Careers

Future Careers
What is an Actor?
An actor is a person who plays in movies, shows, commercials...etc.
They need to work together
They need to be good at public speaking
They need to be good at signing, dancing, and having a good memory.
How many Jobs are there?
There are very few jobs available in the US and only four yearly jobs available Montana.
How much money do they make?
They make around $9.00-$20.00 hourly depending on where you live and the jobs you are doing.
What is a Lawyer
A lawyer advises clients on legal issues and represent them in different court trials.
Lawyers work in private legal offices or they are self employed.
Act as gardens and write laws.
They talk to other lawyers and help on other cases.
How many jobs will there be?
There are a high number of yearly jobs around the US and Montana.
How much money do they make?
They make an average of $64,900.00-$113,530.00 yearly or $31.20-$54.58 hourly.
How much money do they make?
They earn yearly $52,480-56,830 in the US and $42,840-47,110 in Montana.
What is a Special Education Teacher?
They work with special need kids
They teach basic life and help kids specialize learning plans.
They need to be good communicators
Career One,
Career Three,
Special Education Teacher
Career Two,
How many jobs will there be?
Which One?
What College?
There will be a high need for this job around the US.
By: Taylor Cahoon
I want to be a lawyer because I believe in justice system and like helping people.
Princeton University
It is the top school in America and it has a great law program. It is also slightly less expensive than Harvard and N.J. Princeton was the first university to have a “no loan” policy.

Overall I want to go to college and do my best. The road will be difficult but I plan to overcome.
Arts, Audio/Visual Technology, and Communications
Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security
Education and Training

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