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Copy of Mitch Lee Lucker biography

a bio about mitch lucker :)

Blanca Dominguez

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Mitch Lee Lucker biography

Mitchell Lee Lucker Mitch lucker was born October 20th, 1984. Mitch is in the band 'Suicide Silence' which originated from Riverside, California where he was also born. Mitch is known for all of his tattoos, which cover almost all of his body. Mitch also has a wife named Jolie and adaughter named Kenadee. Mitch Lucker Mitch's Tattos Mitch has tattoos covering his right
and left arm, his chest, neck, stomache
and a few on his legs. Mitch used to have
forxever on his
knuckles, when he was
straight edge, but
eventually he and his
band started smoking
so he got them covered up. He also got his daughters name
on his arm 2 days after she was
born. He got flowers all over his
right arm for his daughter. The
rest of his tattoos don't have a
meaning for him, he just got them
because he thought they were
cool when he was 16. Mitch is the lead singer in the band "Suicide Silence." The band originated from Riverside, California. Suicide Silence, Mitch's band There's also 5 other
members in the band.
Chris Garza and Mark Heylmun who are the guitarist, also Alex Lopez who plays the drums and the bassist Danny Kenny. Albums Music Videos -The Cleansing

-No Time To Bleed

-The Black Crown -The Price of Beauty
-Bludgeoned to Death
-Wake Up
-You Only Live Once
-Slaves to Substance Here's an example of one of their music videos:
Wake Up Some lyrics of their songs are: Push your care,
push your burdens aside,
erase everything inside
and leave just one thing on your mind.
you only live once
so just go....... nuts Most of the bands lyrics and songs
are anti christian, and about living life
to the fullest. They believe you should
do what you want, no matter what others think. Mitch's
Family Mitch has a wife named Jolie, that he's now happily married too. He also has a young daughter named Kennadee that he loves very much. No one knows much about his childhood, just that he was born in Riverside, California. Thanks for watching I hope you learned some things about Mitch Lucker.
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