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General essay structure :)

No description

Dominika Rojek

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of General essay structure :)

General essay structure: - introduction - body - conclusion Rules for a good introduction - OPENING SENTENCES: make readers interested
- THESIS STATEMENT: reveal the purpose of the paper
- STRAIGHT TO THE POINT: don't waste time on general introductions Rules for a good paragraph - UNITY: one major topic idea (usually expressed in the topic sentence)
- COHERENCE: all other sentences must be related to the topic sentence/idea
- DEVELOPMENT: provide enough supporting information to make the reader see that what you say in the topic sentence has solid background Rules for a good conclusion: - SUMMARY: restate all major points discussed in the main body
- PROPER CONCLUSIONS: new thoughts based on the summarized discussion
- FINAL SENTENCE: a smooth ending of the paper Introduction: opening sentence thesis statement Body usually divided into 2-5 paragraphs paragraph I paragraph II paragraph III major supporting sentence minor supporting sentence minor supporting sentence major supporting sentence concluding sentence minor supporting sentence topic sentence (real or implied) Conclusion summary strong final sentence To be continued ... by
Dominika Rojek
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