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Clare Lin

on 26 April 2012

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Transcript of Violin

How to look after the Violin
The Violin
How to play
Parts of the Violin
(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr
First originated from Italy in the 1500's
The violin evolved from the fiddle and rebec, which were both stringed instruments in the medieval period.
Has four strings tuned in perfect fifths.
Is the smallest, high-pitched member of the violin family of string instruments.
chin rest
f hole
1. Tighten the bow hair by turning the end screw clockwise until the space between the hair and the stick at the middle is big enough to pass a pencil through.
2. Rosin the bow.
3. Hold the bow correctly by gently laying your index finger on the grip between the first and second knuckle.
4. Rest the violin on your collar bone, fully supported with your arm and held in place by your jaw.
5. Place the bow approximately halfway between the bridge and fingerboard and draw it accross the strings to make a sound.
Don't expose it to extreme temperatures
Maintain the pegs so that they move smoothly yet have enough grip
Keep the bridge upright
Change the strings when necessary
Keep it clean and avoid any build up of rosin
Take the tension off the bow when finished.
Playing the violin for an hour burns 170 calories.
Violinists are able to use both sides of the brain better than most non-violinists.
The End
The violin was officially designed by Andrea Amati, an Italian lute maker.
Different Ways of Playing the Violin
With bow:
With Pizzicato:
This is where you use the bow and draw it accross the strings to create a sound.
This is where you use your right hand to pluck the strings instead of bowing it. But you can still hold the bow in your left hand though.
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