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Marcellin Champagnat

No description

Sean B

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of Marcellin Champagnat


Marcellin achieved a lot in his short life.

His greatest achievements were founding the Marist brothers and building many schools to help educate the young people in France.
Marcellin’s achievements
Marcellin and a brother after visiting another sick brother 20 kilometres away got caught in a very bad snow storm.

They lost their way in the snow. It was very cold and they almost froze to death.
Story in the snow
In 1816, after Marcellin became a priest he was called to the Montagne home where 16 year old Jean-Baptiste Montagne was dying.
Story of John Baptiste Montagne
When Marcellin was 27, he travelled to the shrine at Fourviere.

He saw a lot of young people who worked hard on the land but didn’t know much about religion.
What happened at Fourviere?
His mum and his auntie, Sister Louise, encouraged his love of God and Mary. They taught Marcellin how to pray and love God. Marcellin’s mum also encouraged him to develop compassion for the poorer people living in their village.
Marcellin’s early life and his influences
Marcellin Champagnat was declared Venerable in 1920 by Pope Benedict XV
The Marcellin legacy
St Marcellin’s special qualities were that he was compassionate and loved children. He wanted to help the poor and give them a good education.
Marcellin’s special qualities
St Marcellin’s Champagnats life
He died 30 km away in the town of Marlhes.
Marcellin Champagnat was born in 1789 in the small village of Le Rosey.
As he was preparing to hear Jean-Baptiste's confession, he realized that Jean-Baptiste didn't know much about religion.

Jean-Baptiste was just one of many young people who wasnt properly education at this time in France.
The French Revolution was very violent and thousands of people were killed. Marcellin was born during this time which made him want to help the people more as it was so difficult.
Guillotines were used during the French Revolution.
Thousands of people were executed.
They then knelt down and prayed for Mary to save them from freezing to death. After their prayer they saw a farmer's lantern and were able to get safety at his farm.
He encouraged two people, Jean-Marie Granjon and Jean-Baptiste Audras, to join him in forming the Marist Brothers so they could help educate the children.

This experience of meeting Jean-Baptiste Montagne convinced him that he had to do something to help the young people in rural France.
This spread to more Marist schools throughout the world.

Another great achievement was that he built the Hermitage at La Valla which was a big success and able to accommodate 150 people.
Marcellin’s achievements
After he died, Marcellin’s body was kept at the Hermitage.

He achieved sainthood after the Pope awarded this to him in 1955.
Marcellin’s achievements

Marcellin Champagnat was declared a saint on 18 April 1999
The Marcellin legacy
The Marcellin legacy
The Marcellin legacy
Marist schools can now be found in 76 countries

At one stage there were 10,000 Marist Brothers in the world
There are now about 5,000 Marist Brothers in the world
300 Marist Brothers live in communities around Australia
The Fourviere shrine is in Lyon
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