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Law and Order: SVU

No description

Monica Pereira

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Law and Order: SVU

Junior Detectives
Nick Amaro
played by Danny Pino
his character transferred from narcotics to special victims unit

Amanda Rollins
played by Kelli Giddish
her character is a detective from Atlanta, Georgia
Show Description
that pertain to law and order: SVU
Crime fiction
Police procedural
Target audience
viewer's discretion advised
mature age
people who enjoy mystery and crime investigation
Senior Detectives
Theme Music
: NBC (reruns may air on different channels)
: Wednesdays
: 9:00 pm

Criminal Minds
Oliva Benson
played by Mariska Hargitay
her character works directly with victims of sexual assault

John Munch
played by Richard Belzer
his character is a conspiracy theorist and detective

Odafin Tutuola
played by Ice-T
his character was a former narcotics detective
Law and Order Special Victims Unit focuses on crimes involving:
sexual assault
child molestation
domestic violence
child abandonment
The detectives dedicate their time and efforts to solving these crimes and using evidence found to punish the criminals.
each episode is about a different crime to be solved
The show take place all over
New York
as they investigate New York crimes.
Short Clip from Law and Order: SVU
SVU commanding Officer
Donald Cragen
played by Dann Florek
father figure to the detectives
Written by Mike Post
Features piano, guitar, and clarinet
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