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Greek Gods and Godesses

No description

zach cwiertnia

on 5 February 2016

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Transcript of Greek Gods and Godesses

Greek Gods and Goddesses:by Sparta
Greek Gods and Goddesses
In greek mythology there were 13 main gods and goddesses.
He was the god of the sea, earthquakes, storms and horses.
Stregnths: She was a loving mother, very good with agriculture,and persistant
God of fertility and wine
protector of Athens
goddess of wisdom, crafts, domestic arts military victory (some websites say she is a goddesses of war)
was born out of Zeus's head

very powerful when it comes to war and wisdom
strong when it comes to making peace (even though she is a goddess of military victory
Athena's weakness is that she never shows emotion, even to men

The Athena Parthenon was dedicated in her honor
Some people use Athena to this day in sangs, statues, and school.
Simple Facts
parents: Zeus and Metis

Mother was turned into a fly once Athena was born out of Zeus's head

In Rome Athena is the not the goddess of war any more

Moslty seen with a spear and a Spartan helmet

Owl, olive tree and the serpent
Weaknesses: Demeter suffers with depression due to her daughters abduction

Background: Demeter is the daughter of Cronus and Rhea and is the god of agriculture
His weakness is when he would get tricked.
Poseidon could call up storms, he could drive ships into rocks, and he could make really big waves.
In Greek paintings, Demeter will be visualized in a wreath made of ears of corn
He had a three pronged weapon
He possess other powers
He spent most of his youth life hiding
He had a staff as his weapon but he usually did not have a weapon
Zeus was the all mighty ruler of the Greek gods and goddesses.He was the god of the sky causing rain and storms.He could control lightning and thunder.
Strengths:He was a leader, and a very powerful man.He was also fair to everyone and very charming
Weaknesses:Cheated on his wife Hera multiple times and had a weakness for women.He is also unpredictable and carefree
Background:Zeus was the last child of Cronus and Rhea, and the last child to be eaten by their father.Zeus is the King of Mt.Oylumpus and controls thunder which is his weapon of choice.
Symbols:Zeus's most famous symbols were the lighting bolt and the eagle.
Modern Connection:Jupiter the planet is related to Zeus because of Zeus's Roman name.Zeus is also represented by the lightning bolt which is Zeus's main weapon.

Apollo, the son of Zeus and the twin of Artemis.Apollo was the god of many things the sun, prophecy, colonization, medicine, archery, and music.He also rode his chariot across the sky because he was the sun god giving light throughout the day.He also was the most beautiful god of them all and considered the most Greek god.
Strengths:Taught people how to care and comfort the ill. He was also very good and music, he invented the lute and was very skilled at playing the lyre.
Weaknesses:Would lose his temper very easily if he was provoked, and got in trouble often for flirting and cheating on people.
Background:Played a golden lyre and used a silver bow.Hera, Apollo's mother ran away after Apollo was born after she realized Leta had been impregnated by Zeus, leaving Apollo alone.
Symbols:Apollo had many symbols which were the lyre, laurel wreath, python, raven, bow and arrows, laurel wreath, python, raven, bow and arrows.
Modern connection:In New York there is a theater named the Apollo theater,the theater is named after him because he was the god of music.NASA also named one of their space crafts the Apollo 13 because Apollo drives his chariot across the sky.
Hades is the god of the underworld.He is the son of the titans Cronus and Rhea. He was the brothers of zeus and poseidon.His pet was a three headed dog named Cerberus.His sisters names were Demeter Hestia ,and Hera. He married persephone.Hades name in Hebrew is Sheol. His creatures furies tortured the dead. The under world was still higher than tartarus which the titans are.His strength was that he was rich,his weakness is that his soft spot is when he is with Persephone. Hades has a company named Hades wings. His bird is screech owl. Roman name is Pluto. He could have been born in Olympus. Hades also abducted his wife Persefone. His symbols are skulls and->
Aphrodite was the goddess of love and beauty. She had a son named Eros who was the minor god of love. Aphrodite was married to Hephaestus, but was having affairs with Ares. Her bird is the swan and her symbol is an apple. Aphrodite's weapon was not really a weapon but a magical girdle that got people and gods to fall in love with her. Aphrodite was very beautiful and a lot of people and gods fell in love with her. Her weakness was when she saw someone prettier than she was she woud torture or kill them. A modern connection to Aphrodite is that there is a planet named after her roman name, Venus. She still has a connection with love and marrige, even though marrige is Hera's job.
During the harvest, Dionysus was a happy god, but during the winter he was not happy
He was born of fireand nursed by rain
He had two brothers, Zeus and Hades
God of War

Zeus and Hera are his parents

Aphrodite cheated on Hephaestus with Ares

Inspired the Spartan's

Seen in a Spartan helmet, seen in a greek armor, and with a spear, sword, and spe

strengths: he can decisive, determined, fearless

weaknesses: impulsive, bloodthirsty, always wanting to get in a fight no matter the consequences

Ares would join the enemy if his military side was loosing

spear, helmet, dog, chariot, boar, vulture, snake, flaming torch

Ares is used to this day in stories in Greek mythology of
war, sangs and statues
Hermes was an Olympian god,he was the son of zeus.
He was the second youngest god. He is the god of transitions sports, thieves, border crossing, boundaries.In some myths he plays tricks. He has winged sandals.In Roman his name is mercury.He is a messenger. He also leads the dead to the under world.
Hermes son is Pan, he is satyr like.Hermes weakness is staying still and his strength is that he can fly and he is very clever.Hermes has a company that makes bags.Hermes bird was a rooster. Hermes was born on a mountain named cyllene.His symbols where winged shoes and a medical caduceus.
Hera was the goddess of childbirth, marriage, and the ideal woman. Her husband was Zeus, lord of the sky. She often got jealous and mad when her husband was cheating on her. The most common thing she would do was kill the person Zeus was dating. Her bird was the peacock. Her symbol was wedding ring and her animal was a cow. Her strengths were that she was a very loyal wife to Zeus. Her weaknesses were that when she was jealous, she could not control her anger and often killed mortals for dating her husband and also hated the children of the women Zeus dated. A modern connection is that the month of June is named after her Roman name, Juno.

After her daughters abduction, her daughter got to spend half the year with her mother and half with Hades. This shows the changing seasons because when Demeter is sad,due to her daughters journey to the underworld, the weather follows her path.
.the strengths of artemis is that she can physically protect herself
Artemis was the goddess of the moon, the hunt, natural environment, chastity
Hephaestus was the god of blacksmiths, sculptors, metallurgy, fire and volcanoes. His parents were Zeus and Hera. When Hephaestus was born, he was so ugly that Hera threw him out the window. His wife was Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love. Although they were married, and although Hephaestus loved Aphrodite, Aphrodite didn't love him. His symbols were a hammer, an anvil, and a pair of tongs. His legs were discombobulated and broken. He made all the weapons for the gods. His strength was that he was strong and very smart. He also made amazing weapons for all of the gods. His weakness was that he was considered ugly and he had a leg problem.nA modern connection is the word volcano which comes from his roman name, Vulcan
. Artemis was born on the island of Delos
Modern day connection: The Demeter Fragrance is inspired by her due to her power with nature and harvest.
Poseidon created the first horse in the world.
His son was Percy Jackson.
He was an older and bearded God.
. The weakness of Artemis that she dislikes men
He was also honored in lyric poetry.
Artemis swore to be a maiden forever to her father Zeus so she will never be married ever again
Artemis's follower's are called the Amazons
Zeus and Leto are her parents
Apollo is her twin brother
Some hunting groups are called Artemis
By Atlas and Helena
by Atlas
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