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Welcome to the Emerging Leaders Program

No description

on 21 September 2016

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Transcript of Welcome to the Emerging Leaders Program

Weber State University Student Association
Clubs & Orgs
What is Emerging Leaders?
What is WSUSA?
Emerging Leader Expectations
Be here on time!
You may only miss 2 meetings a semester.
PLEASE let your mentor know if you will not be at a meeting!
You will attend the Project Lead Conference (Oct. 20-21) and the Emerging Leader Retreat (Jan. 6-7)
Read the assigned chapters and come prepared for a discussion.
You will participate in spring presentations.
Weber Wear Fridays
Junior majoring in Social Work, minoring in Women and Gender Studies
Went on a humanitarian trip to Lisbon, Portugal
I love reading, volunteering, traveling, and adventuring!
Dogs/Napping/Pasta/Parks & Rec is my life.
Training to become a Pokemon Master.
Junior - Social Work Major with a Minor in Political Science
Recently returned from an internship in Washington, D.C.
This wasn't my first though!
Emerging Leader 2015.
LOVE sleeping, watermelon, Friends, dancing, and Weber!
Phoebe and Chandler are my spirit animals... then probably a chihuahua.
I love Dirty Dancing, 80s all the way!
I am hopefully studying abroad in Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Germany this summer!
I love the outdoors, grew up in a little country town.
Striving to become an OR nurse ( science nerd ;) )

Welcome to the Emerging Leaders Program!
Most importantly, come ready to learn and to have fun!
A FUN program for WSU Freshmen/Sophomores to focus on cultivating, influencing, and developing their leadership skills.

You will be given opportunities to get involved with WSUSA and the community so that you can build your connections and have a fun college experience!
Mentor Expectations
Contact you about all Emerging Leader business.
To have one on ones with each Emerging Leader at least once a semester.
To prepare activities that are fun, but also educational.
To help you all find your strengths and build your leadership skills.
What are YOUR expectations???
Meet the Mentors!!!
Business Major (emphasis in marketing)
Art Minor
Served an LDS mission in Chile
I've ran in the Ogden marathon, The Spartan Super, and various Disney races.
I cried when I watched the 7th Star Wars trailer
....And one Marvel movie marathon that took 28 hours
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