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Checking out library books

No description

Susan Mepham

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Checking out library books

Checking Out Library Books
Library books do not belong in the bath tub.
Wet books are destroyed books.
Look inside the book and see if you like it.
Every book in the library has a special spot that it belongs.
Use a ruler as a shelf marker

before you take a book off the shelf.
If you do not want to keep the

book you can put it back on the

shelf where the ruler is.
Remember to use a ruler as a shelf marker.
When you take library books home
put you them in a high, safe place.
Keep library books away from babies and dogs.
Be gentle with library books.
Mrs. Mepham can fix torn pages.
Will any other student be able to enjoy this book?
If you take your library books home

please put them in a backpack.
Please protect your library books!
Put the ruler in the box.

Sit in your seat and look at your books.
It is fun to look at the pictures
read the words.
Each library book has a barcode on the front cover.
Mrs. Mepham will check your books out
to you
with a barcode scanner.
What great adventures await
in the elementary library!
Enjoy your library books,
but bring them back!
Food is messy!
Library books and food do not go together.
Take care of library books at home:
Dirty hands
dirty library books!
Wash your hands
before reading
library books.
Read your library books at home!
Share your library books with your family.
When you have found the books
you want to check out
you can take the ruler off the
You can stay at your seat and read your books!
Backpacks protect library books.
Pages rip easily.
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