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Twitter can be a valuable tool for tracking learning in short, one-sentence summaries. As students tweet their learning progress, frustrations, and accomplishments, they form a community of learners who can support each other in the online environment.

Maria Andersen

on 19 July 2013

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Transcript of Mathematweets

What IS twitter?
What can
you DO with

conference backchannel
worldwide chats
Stay in touch with colleagues
Twitter 101
@reply (beginning)
140 characters
Twitter Lists
Twitter Bio
What you're saying
It's so hot: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wolfhound/3827207625/
@reply (interior)
direct messaging (private)
Illustration by Mat Moore
Freelance Illustrator

What is it like to take an online class?
What I want to see instead ...
Tweeting for Accountability
(and learning)

Good tweet:
#m161 (hr 103): Learned the first two parts of the chain rule HW, but I'm not seeing how I choose the u-subs, or WHY I do that anyways.
Bad tweet:
#m161 (hr 103): Studied 4.3 for one hour.
For every hour they study for Calculus, students should answer the question:
"What are you learning?
#m161 (hr 21) it seems like this chapter got a lot easier as it progressed. cranking through 2.7 before hockey.

#m161 clawing my way through 3.7
Originally the question was "What are you studying?"
#m161 (hr 9) worked on 2.7 and 2.8 last night. Kind of had fun :) Just need to study for the exam
#m161 (hr 21) done with the 3.1s, starting 3.2

#m161 (hr 18) keep forgetting to update this. Finished 3.1A yesterday and on to 3.1B.
#m161 (hr 23) trying the activities for 3.4 because i got stuck on 3.4C.
I realized later that I was asking the wrong question.
Failed Experiment
but I learned how to improve the next try
I need to model what I want to see in the Tweetstream.
More Tweeting Practice
More visibility and course integration
m161 List
not an option in first attempt
Twitter for other student projects ...
The Calculus Tweetwars
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