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Animal Farm Hierarchy

No description

Rachel Cushing

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Animal Farm Hierarchy

The Pigs
Prize-winning pig who has a vision of a socialist utopia; this is the inspiration for the Revolution
Symbolizes both Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin
Old Major
The leader of Animal Farm through a forceful takeover
Uses force to intimidate the animals
Dictator who takes from his "people" and constantly seeks more power
Symbolizes Josef Stalin and Napoleon Bonaparte
The Dogs
The Horses
A horse
Respected for his incredible strength and loyalty but he is very unintelligent
Has two mantras:
"I will work harder"
"Napoleon is always right"
He is eventually slaughtered for profit
Represents the Russian working class
The Other Animals
The donkey
Oldest animal on the farm; stubborn and cynical but intelligent
Comprehends the changes however, he does not oppose the pigs
Possibly represents Orwell or intellectuals in general
One of the leaders among the pigs
Wants to improve Animal Farm but Napoleon expels him before he can
Symbolizes Leon Trotsky
The dogs are the only animals besides the pigs that get special privileges
They are the pigs' private army; act as executioners
Represent the KGB
The Dogs
A white mare
She is superficial and vain
She escapes Animal Farm to be pampered by humans
Represents the bourgeoisie that fled the USSR after the Revolution
The tame raven
Spreads stories about Sugarcandy Mountain (heaven)
Symbolizes the Russian Orthodox Church
Animal Farm Hierarchy
"All animals are equal
But some animals are more equal than others"
Female cart horse
Often suspects the pigs of violating the Seven Commandments but does not confront them
Symbolizes the female working class
He is the best known of the porker pigs
Acts as the liaison to the other animals
He lies to the other animals, rewrites history and spreads false statistics
Represents the Russian propaganda machine
The Humans
Mr. & Mrs. Jones
The drunk farmer and his wife who own the farm before the Animal Revolution
He is mean; pampering himself while starving the animals
Represents Czar Nicholas II and his wife
Mr. Frederick
Untrustworthy, backstabbing owner of the neighboring farm
Represents Adolf Hitler
Mr. Pilkington
Easygoing neighbor; pursues hobbies instead of keeping up with the farm
Symbolizes the capitalist Allies (the US and the UK)
Mr. Whymper
A solicitor who is Animal Farm's intermediary to the human world
Could represent either:
The capitalists in the USSR
Nations who conducted business with the USSR while turning a blind eye
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