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Time Management!

How to manage your time more effectively!

Jesus Maldonado

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Time Management!

Time Management!
Do you find yourself falling behind on activities?
- Then you are probably not good at time management.

We will be Introducing the RAC method to help you manage your time more effectively.
RAC stands for Recording, Analyzing, and Changing.

Take note of time
As the day progresses write down everything that you do (Ex: Being here at Year-Up, Watching TV, Social Networking, etc.)
Note the time that each activity takes
Time to get "Time Back"
Prioritize your work; Get major work done first (Ex: Make a To Do list)
Organize; Keep your work and personal space clean and neat. This will save you time by not having to search for things
Schedule: Set aside times for individual activities
At the end of your day go through your notes or planner and highlight activities where you think time was not used productively
Pick out your time wasters (Ex: 2 hours watching TV, starring into space, etc)
Add up the time wasted and take a look at how much time was wasted doing activities that showed no result
Briana W.
Elijah F.
Jesus M.
Linda D. M.
Trinetta B.
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