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SAP Business One

Crystal Reports

Catie Hatfield

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of SAP Business One

SAP Business One General Business -Cut costs
-Access any time, any where
-Timely and accurate information
-Able to limit access
-Many format options
-Increase productivity Do you have any ideas of some positives that Crystal Reports bring to a company? SAP Crystal Reports Negatives Benefits The Crystal Reports Server lets users share and reuse common report elements such as text objects, graphics, and formulas to accelerate the report development process. When paired together, SAP Business One and Crystal Reports enable users to access data easily from other software applications. With SAP Business One and the integrated Crystal Reporting Products, businesses can create, manage, and deliver packaged reports, ad hoc reports, query and analysis, and interactive dashboards across and beyond the enterprise. By adding the Crystal Reports Server users can easily produce reports on demand or at a pre-scheduled time using e-mail, print, or by saving to a shared directory on the server http://www.orchestrateam.com/sap-business-one/crystal-reports-xl-reporter Amanda Dutmer
Brandy Bowers
Catie Hatfield
Chase Walters
Katelyn Moon Our general focus is on small businesses and different programs to make them as efficient as possible. one example of an efficient solution programs is... Interactive reports minimize report proliferation Advanced report design power On-report "what-if" scenario modeling Sort and filter without database queries Multiple data views in a single report Operating reporting and workflows -While it supports almost all kinds of database formats, it does not support Microsoft Word or Power Point as a data source
-This means that the user will need to be proficient with databases, something that most non technical managers are not
-The software is quite difficult to use and one needs to go through a number of tutorials and samples to get the hang of it
-So if you are looking for user friendly and simple ".net" reporting software, then you might want to consider other options like the Windward reporting software because of its ease of use YES? Candy! NO? http://jacksontalk2010.com/2010/08/10/crystal-reports-pros-and-cons/ Do you have any ideas of some negatives that Crystal Reports bring to a company? YES? NO?
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