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By: Marquel Poole

NCJH Knights

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Mumps

Mumps Diagnosis & Treatment. Samples of saliva and urine.
Most of mumps can be treated at home.
Inflamed parotoid glands.
Resting or Resting, and drinking plenty of non-acidic fluid helps your body recover, or get better. Is an infection caused by a virus, and it can attack varius parts of the body, but usually attacks the salivary glands.It can cause a condition called Aseptic Meningitis, and 15% of adults with the mumps get it. Mumps can cause hearing problems, such as deafness, and really bad pain. If you become deaf, it is usually just in one of your ears. Usually kids under 15, and 5-9 years old usually get the mumps. But, the mumps are now rare. What Happens If You Have The Mumps? Can the Mumps be Prevented? Facts About the Mumps Virus!!! You Might have a low fever, extreme tiredness, loss of appetite , muscle pain, and a headache. By: Marquel Poole Only 30 to 40% of people become infected with
the mumps virus. Talking, chewing, and swallowing could
be painfull. Immunization is the best way to prevent the Mumps.

the first dose is givin when an infant is between 12-15 months.

Second dose is when you're 4-5 years old. Stages & Progress Long_Lasting, & now rare.
Swellling can last from 7-10 days.
Can Cause a stomach ache.
Testicular Cancer
Inflammation brains.
Dizziness, vomiting, headache, lethargy.
permanent Deafness. ghhTreatment Options Caused by a virus.
Acetaminophen for pain.
Patients should be isolated.
The Mumps is "usually" contagious. More Facts... Mumps is a virul infection that primarily affects the parotid gland. It is situated below & in front of your ears. Kids can get swelling in one or both parotid glands! The Mumps were common in the USA. Since the vaccinatin the number has dropped dramatically. There is "no" specific treatment, but there are things you can do that can help you. Parotid Glands. (Below) Proper Use... Mumps Picture "Swelling" If your dose is different, DO NOT change it, unless your doctor tells you to. Also, you should make sure that you take the right amount of medicine, or as much as you are suppose to take. No more, no less. Lastly, you need to make sure that you take your own medicine, not anyone elses, or you might get really sick, or something worse. Incidence It is likely to affect unvaccination, also is is a epidemic.
there are ten's of thousands of cases each year. Complications Complications of the mumps are rare. Inflammation of the pancreas, and a high fever or a stiff neck. EKG will show signs of myocarditis. Also, mostly all men with the mumps have very painful puberty. Causes Mumps is a spherically shaped virus, and it lives only in humans. The End
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