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"CANCER" a poem by Amina Bhatti

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DylanAlex McJohnson

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of "CANCER" a poem by Amina Bhatti

"CANCER" a poem by Amina Bhatti
Imagery is used in the poem. Some examples are: stating that cancer is a “cruel monster, slithering through vessels,” because you can picture the cancer and an evil creature, slithering like a snake through your body. Also when it says cancer “rots the body like wood,” you picture somebody's body just turning into wood and rotting away, giving up the fight. A simile used in the poem is: “Rot the body like wood." Senses used to evoke the reader are: sight and touch.

The poem only has one stanza with 25 lines. It is laid out so that the story is being told from when the cancer is starting out, unknown, to when the cancer takes over and then either kills the patient, or gets killed itself. The lines of the poem are short but it is laid out well so that each line is very descriptive and to the point.

the rhyme scheme of the poem is abcbdedefghgijkjlmnopqrsq. The rhythm of the poem is not set, although each of the lines can be said in a steady 4 beats. Towards the end of someones life, things don’t go as smoothly as before, and when you read the poem out loud, the end sounds almost panicky and it adds to the intensity of the poem.

You touch the bodies of the living
And mark them for dead
A plague of their own flesh
Rampant, raging, you spread.
Cruel monster, slithering
Through vessels, unknown
Multiplying, dividing
You plunder, you grow
You ravage and destroy
Rot the body like wood
No care for the innocent
No mercy for the good.
Blood, swelling, horror
When at last you are found
we fight for the victim
to which you are bound
we poison you, poison
hack, gauge you out
burn you, hot waves
just kill you somehow
internal struggles, a war
that won’t make the news
sometimes we win
and sometimes
we lose. -by Amina Bhatti

I think that the poets choice of words are perfect for the poem because all of the describing words put an image in your head. words such as “Rampant, raging, Blood, swelling, horror, plunder, ravage and destroy,” are used in the poem and they are all very powerful words. “Rampant, raging, you spread” is an example of an alliteration used in the poem. “You plunder, you grow, you ravage and destroy” is an example of personification in the poem.
I think that the poet is trying to communicate to the reader how horrible cancer is and how hard it is to survive cancer. I think that the poem was very good and sends a powerful message to readers.

Amina Bhatti biography: She is a very talented female poet who is now a university student from Birmingham, UK.(Cited from her blog called “heartful Whispers”) She went to Sutton Coldfield Grammar School For Girls. (Cited from facebook) Her poems have become known to the public through Her blog and by winning “Poet of the week” contests on the internet.

The poem is about cancer. It describes the way that cancer takes over your body and how cancer has no mercy. The poem tells the story of how cancer, unknowingly, takes over your body. How it multiplies before you realize and most of the time its too late to recover. Once you finally discover you have cancer,you go through a series of treatments, trying to kill the cancer. Cancer is a powerful enemy, and sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. That is what I think the poem is about.
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