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Prague Pre-Conference Outro

Outro for the Prague Pre-Conference on Friday 25th March 2011

Adam Retter

on 25 March 2011

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Transcript of Prague Pre-Conference Outro

and so... ...probably not! my final thoughts... Special thanks to - All the speakers

Dannes Wessels for Coordinating the event

David Voňka for the loan of the Projector/Beamer

Jim Fuller - for his patience whilst we peppered him with Prague questions

The Educational Institute for Hosting So thank you and Goodbye* * ...and the bear?
...Well, he already left! Facteted Search can be fun and fast.

Animo, is a language, is not a language? Clever stuff!

oXygen are very supportive of the community.

betterForm. Single file can 'just' be dropped into eXist-db. Smooth like Jazz!

NanoEdit is NOT like your old school Girlfriend.

EXPath welcomes all to its community.

Performance and Tuning ~ There is no Silver Bullet?

Mohamed is worried I will steal his sweet Prague MC Job. Im not!
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