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"Number the Stars" Intorduction

This is a prezi to introduce the historical setting of "Number the Stars".

Rachell Stratton

on 7 May 2012

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Transcript of "Number the Stars" Intorduction

Adolf Hitler becomes the chancellor (ruler) of Germany
The first Jewish ghetto is established in Lublin, Poland.
What is the
historical setting
of "Number the Stars"?
Russian troops free Auschwitz. By this time, an estimated 2,000,000 persons, including 1,500,000 Jews, have been murdered there.
Other concentration camps are freed by other troops from different countries. (Ohrdruf camp in Germany was liberated by the Americans.)
The Germans open Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland.
Denmark surrenders to Germany.
U.S. declares war on Germany and Italy.
Gas chambers at Auschwitz in Poland are used for first time.
Beginning of general deportation of German Jews.
Hitler, speaking at the Berlin Sports Palace, reaffirms his prewar prophecy concerning the Jews; once again telling an audience that "the result of this war will be the complete annihilation of the Jews."
The Germans make the first large deportation of Jews from Norway.
When "Number the Stars" takes place.
Danish Jews begin to be relocated, or moved, from Denmark to concentration camps.
Important Dates
of the Holocaust...
Important Places...
Life During World War II
Most people had jobs in factories
or were fighting in the war.
Life in the 1940s was consumed by the war....
Children learned to grow up fast.
Older children had jobs and
younger children learned to fend for themselves.
They were very patriotic.

Common goods, life flour
and gasoline, were rationed.

In Europe, there was always
the threat of Blitzkrieg.

Nazi Occupation
The military of Nazi Germany invaded other countries . Countries that were invaded include Poland, Norway, and Denmark.
What is Nazi Occupation?
The Nazis were a political party that took over Germany and almost all of Europe. Hitler was the dictator of the Nazis.
Who were the Nazis?
Germany invaded Denmark in 1940 so they could more easily invade Norway.
The Danish government existed somewhat peacefully with the Nazi government. King Christian X was the still the main ruler.
However, in 1943 the Danish people started resisting the Nazi occupation. (This is when "Number the Stars" begins.)
When the Nazis
invaded Denmark..
Destroying the entire Jewish race
was a top priority for the Nazis.
This is called genocide.
Jewish Persecution
It started when the Nazis forced thousands of Jews to live in part of town that was sectioned off for them. These were called ghettos.
Then the Nazis began to relocate all the Jews to death-camps, also known as concentration camps or extermination camps.
Approximately 6,000,000 Jews
died during the Holocaust.
Although the Holocaust was one of the worst times in history, there is hope that the survivors will be able to tell their story.

In "Number the Stars", we will read about the hope of survival and escape from the discrimination and persecution.
Look through Books
On a sheet of paper, please write a few sentences to a paragraph about the historical setting of "Number the Stars".
Include at least 3 facts you learned from the Prezi presentation or from looking through the books.
Also include why you think it is important to study history in literature.
Include any questions you have about WWII, the Holocaust, or "Number the Stars".
Journal Response:
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