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Process Excellence and Value Chains

Process Excellence and Value Chains

Dan McGuigan

on 31 August 2016

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Transcript of Process Excellence and Value Chains

IQPC Conference
Dan McGuigan
April 2013

Process Excellence and Value Chains
Value Chains
Understanding holistic relationships in value creation.

Dealing with the complexity, seeing simplicity.

Applying critical thinking in how and where see opportunities.

Continually learning, adapting, evolving, and challenging ourselves as we grow and develop.
What value do we place on our customers?
How do we create further value, or protect value?
How do we segment our customers?
What do we provide that meets their needs and wants?
How do we meet the customer demand?
What experience do we want our customers to have?
How do we create valuable interactions that are joyful and useful?
How do we differentiate the service experience?
Brand and Communications

Learning and Development
We have exceeded expectations...
Full Range of Products and Services
...and won a range of awards
Personal Banking

Business Banking

Wealth and Insurance

Payment Services
Process Excellence evolution
Nothing exists independent of its relationships
Interconnectedness of systems
What motivates customers?
How are they influenced?
What can we learn and keep learning from behaviour?
What are their goals and how can we help them?
What is valuable and important to them?
How do they perceive brands?
In many different ways
Conversion and Compliance

Satisfaction and Experience

Profit and Growth

Engagement and Development

It starts with purpose
System clarity enables simplicity to emerge...
Operating Models
Management Operating System
Creating a winning value chain
Focus on true underlying challenges and opportunities
In summary
Questions, concerns, information
Continuum of needs
Marketing and Customer Insight
Sales and Service Operations
Understand current and emerging channel interactions
A holistic balanced System
Business Improvement...Business Architecture...Business Excellence...
Process Improvement...Six Sigma...Lean...Kaizen...Business Analysts...
Improvement Analysts...Six Sigma Specialists: green, black, master...Agile
Margaret Wheatley
In order for any system to be operating at its full potential, we must appreciate:

- what is the purpose of the system?
- is it balanced?
- where are the vital relationships?
- what are we doing to the system and why are we doing it?
Simon Sinek
Process excellence is a game played by many players. Not one person or function can holistically balance a system.
Who are we?
It all starts with understanding purpose, value, relationships and interconnectedness...
I need...
I want...
I know...
I don't know...
What is the goal?
Is the value chain represented?
What measures do we need to achieve the goal?
Are we measuring symptoms or causes: lead or lag measures?
When do we know things are going wrong?
Who needs to know?
What are they going to do with the information?
Constantly refining...constantly adapting...constantly evolving
Know what you are looking at
Lots of ideas...lots of practitioners...lots of methodologies
High level output measures are far too late in measuring change. Heavy reliance on one aspect without understanding vital relationships will cause system imbalance, confusion and wasted efforts.
Instead focus efforts in developing the internal value chains and the interconnected relationships, key measures that provide balance and connect to the key output measures.
Know what you are looking at
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