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No description

Jordan Isbell

on 14 February 2017

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Transcript of Reincarnation?

By: Jordan Isbell
The Main Character
The climax happens when Jacob decides to go through with the plan and die to let the other lady be happy.
The main character is named Jacob Wilford Leach. He is not a very daring or bold person, but he is willing to do whatever it takes to make others happy as long as he is not going to be in any danger.
Our main character has had the same night terrors ever since he was 5. When he turns fifteen, the night terrors stop, but they start to become reality.
The Ten Night Terrors
1. The ground falls out from under him.
2. An angel tells him that he is in a lot of danger. (I have a picture of the angel.)
3. He was set on fire.
4. He loses his mother.
5. He loses everything.
6. He moves and no longer has any friends.
7. His first new friend makes everything swirl in the air with magic.
8. The angel comes back and tells him that he put his trust in the wrong people.
9. He gets attacked by an adult. (I have a picture of a sword.)
10. He gets crowned then killed. (I have a picture of the crown.)
Epic simile
"Me coming up with a good case to argue against my parents must have sounded like a fish out of water just trying to breathe because they ended up sitting me down, and saying that everything was going to be alright."
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