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Students Who Drive You Crazy

Book Report

Amanda Ritzdorf

on 8 May 2010

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Transcript of Students Who Drive You Crazy

Ellen Kottler Students Who Drive You Crazy Jeffrey A. Kottler Succeeding With Resistant, Unmotivated And Otherwise Difficult Young People Personal Stories Eye of the Beholder What you think the reason is Profiles of students who are difficult Those who violate rules Not fair Does not understand what's expected Maybe wants all the attention Values do not match Those Who Have Given UP Those who are Perfectionists Those who lack social skills Pushing our Buttons
How Failure Helps Failure promotes reflections Failure stimulates change Failure encourages flexibility Failure improves frustration tolerance Failure teaches humility Failure provides useful information Changing Your Own Behavior Detachment w/out Withdrawal Talking to Yourself Processing Disappointments Internally Stop Complaining Keeping your sense of Humor Recognizing Accomplishments and Strengths Reframing Problems Being Flexible Seeking Support Help Yourself First Developing Alternate Perspectives Challenge Thinking Preventing Future Problems Parents and Colleagues Who Drive you Crazy Teachers Who Don't Understand Administrators Who Handcuff Us Parents Who Fight Us Proactive Versus Reactive Strategies Paying Attention to Feedback Acknowledge Conflict Models of Resolution Peer Mediation Schoolwide Programs
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