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Form and Filigree Inspiration

A collection of Artist and Pieces that have spurred by pot and print ideas.

Stefan Faulkner

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Form and Filigree Inspiration

Form & Filigree
Inspiration and Ideas L.S Lowry L.S Lowry was a very accomplished painter. his subjects were
always that of his local are. This very much fits in with my print
as i intend to use local building in my print. Every so often a silhouette creeps into his work Rob Ryan Rob Rayn Is another artist who creates his work using his Local town as the subject. I really like his inclusion of text and graphics. Together they make for a very strong composition I also Really like the silhouettes of the buildings. The Whittington Press Andrew Anderson’s astonishing linocuts are an arresting mix of image, lettering and symbolism. The images show strong influences of his background as an architect with a particular interest in mediaeval architecture Eric Gill Eric Gill Ilustrated and printed parts of the 4th gospel in 1931. These are a couple of examples of his pages showing his collaboration between imagery and text. Eric Gill was very much into letter press, a style of printing which i am very keen to replicate using lino for my final print idea. A variety of experiments
with different fonts will
be imperitive. This will
assure me, like Eric did,
that i will find the right one. Examples of different styles of Calligraphy that i may use. Ancient Egyptian Orthographic Drawing Some other styles of Printing with text ON THE BAC K OF DISCOVERING ROB RYAN S WORK I FOUND THIS PIEC BY A DESIGNER. I COULD NOT FIND THEIR NAME UNFORTUNATELY BUT THIS PIECE DOES GIVE ME FOOD FOR THOUGH. I.E THIS ARTISTR INCLUDES THE DESIGNS IN THE ARCHITECTURE Rachel Whitehead EMMA BRIDGEWATER Design company called Country Light DUST HOUSES
Maria Adelaida Lopez
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