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LSD presentation

No description

Cooper Scullion

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of LSD presentation

LSD: Lysergic acid diethylamide Street Names for LSD, CSS Some street names for LSD are as follows:
The Goose
Lucy in the sky with diamonds
Rainbow Skittles
Wacky Tic-Takys
Delicious Candy
French Tic-Tacs
European Tic-Tacs What Are Some Effects of LSD, VS The effects of LSD include:
long term: tolerance to LSD which disappears after you stop taking the drug, flashbacks (that are short-lived intense re-expierences part of the last trip) prlonged anxiety and depression after using the drug is stopped .

Short term: a distorted perception of depth, time, and the size and shape of objects, hallucinations, heightened senses (sight, sound and touch), psychoogical or emotional effects such as anxiety, depression, dizziness, disorientation and paranoia, and physical effects such as dilated pupils, lowered body temperature, nausea, vomiting, profuse sweating, rapid heart rate, and convulsions. What does LSD Look like CS

LSD in its purest newest form looks like a crystal. LSD can also be in the form of a liquid, blotted paper (clear paper), and sugar cubes. LSD can also come in microdots but those were most commonly used in the 60's and 70's and are very rare if not exist at all any more. The blotted paper can also be colourful and have designs on it. Statistics VS For every 10 people using lsd 4 are women (40%) and 6 are men (60%). How is it Made? VS LSD is produced illegally by criminal chemists who usually start with ergotamine (a substance found in the ergot fungus that is aso found in some medications such as migrain medicine. The fergotamine is treated with chemicals that later will turn into LSD or lysergic acid. How is it Administered? CS LSD can be absorbed through the skin. It is most often taken in the sheet form and put on the tongue. It is also eaten in sugar cubes or put in drinks as a liquid because it is clear. Facts About LSD CS Created by Albert Hoffman
Called LSD 25 because Hoffman mixed lysergic acid with diethylamide on his 25th try
First LSD trip in 1943 by Hoffman accidently abosrbing through his skin
LSD is colorless and oderless
When you are high on LSD it is called a "trip"
A sheet/blot of acid with creator Albert Hoffman on it The End. Thank-you.
-Cooper, Victor
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