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A teen's stress!

No description

millersi rodallega

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of A teen's stress!

Thesis: The high level of stress caused on teens could affect them on the long run due to negative effects.
For example:
lack of contraction, illness, and diseases
There needs to be a limitation to a teenager's stress.(RW)
Ronald G. Nathan states
that when a body reacts to a Stressor, the body is alerted by the brain and hormones in various parts of the body and it raises the heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure.

Nathan also claimed
that if stress continues at a high level which is when the body uses extra energy

it results
in exhaustion to the body. In exhaustion, energy reserves are used up, leading to extreme fatigue and inability to resist new stressors
(APA Practice Organization)
That is to say
long periods of stress aren't good for the body
Nathan pointed out that
"stress hormones acted on the heart, blood vessels, and lungs may contribute to heart disease, high blood pressure, and asthma'' . (RW)
Counter-Argument and Warrant
Claim: An increasingly amount of teens at stressed because of homework or due to academic pressure. (syntax & RW)
Evidence: Educators and students, such as teenagers, are put in intense pressure to meet national testing standards.
As a result,

Michelle Healy
U.S Today
that throughout various surveys, teenagers have shown symptoms of stress
owing to the fact
of homework overload or academic pressure.
Healy even stated
that twenty-seven percent of students reported extreme stress during the school year, eighty-three percent of teens report that school was " a somewhat or significant source of stress." (RW)
Counter-Argument and Warrant


contrasting viewpoints, some may add that stress is good for students seeing that it helps them be pushed to their best.
Claim: high level of stress could lead to dangerous side effects
affect teen's youth.
"Stress is an important dragon to slay-or at least tame- in your life." claims Marilu Henne, American actress, producer and author.
Teenagers stress too much!
Opposing perspectives may question the length of a high level stress and why there's a limitation for the amount of stress the body can obtain. (RW)
Rebuttal/Warrant (principles, conclusion) :
For a short period, the body is able to go through a high level of stress in the first stage without exhaustion
the body is alarmed by the hormones, and then the body gives a boost to keep blood sugar high to provide extra energy
(APA Practice Organization)
. Even The high level stress is only save if it doesn't last for a long time
due to the fact
that if a teen is a working or living at a high level stress for a long time
sickness and illness are rather common.
Under those circumstances
, a teenager is not able to do what they are suppose to be doing
which is to be at joy with their youth.
In conclusion,
long time of stress is not good for teenagers. (RW)
Rebuttal/Warrant (conclusion):

that may be true, it can only be true if the stress doesn't overload the student.
Jeniffe Hyung empathize
that "a little stress is a good thing. It can motivate students to be organized. but too much can backfire."
As a result
to an over stress,
Nathan reports
"extended exposure to mental and emotional stressors can lead to difficulties in eating, sleeping and making decisions. people may also feel angry, depressed, and overwhelmed." These kind of symptoms could only make it harder for students to succeed in school; leading not to better scores but uglier ones.
Given these points,
high level of stress for a long time is not so good for teens even if it is for school.
Claim: Boredom is a very common factor among teens
With that being the case, it is also shown that boredom is related to stress. (RW)
, It is widely believed that boredom is based on a person's lack of focus due to little interest on a subject or thing.
Nathan claims
that boredom is actually a "flavor of stress" that can interfere with teenagers health and ability to learn. Regarding stress, boredom hampers the Prefontal Cortex, which is the spot in the brain found just behind the teens furrowed brow is there to help teen reason and hold different facts in working memory
Disrupting the Prefrontal Cortex leads to alerting the emotional center. This emotinal center is called The Amaydala, which takes over the body reactions,
explains why bored teens most likely tend to feel tired, anxious, or depressed
. When kids tackled material that is too difficult for them, they tend to mask it with it being boring when its in fact frustrating for them.
In other words,
the number of kids that are bored,
signify the number of kids in stress.
Counter-Argument and

On the other hand
some may say that boredom signifies the fact that there's nothing to do, so there couldn't be anything to stress over.
Rebuttal/Warrant (principles) :
that might be true in some cases but Huynh stated " boredom and other types of stress appear to feed on each other. Students who are stressed due to emotional trauma, for example, are likely common to disengage and feel bored, which adds to their stress."
That is to say
that stress could be the cause of boredom in some cases
; For example
a student may be having trouble paying attention in class because of their trouble at home.
boredom might at times be just a lack of entertainment or focus but most of the time it is the possibility of stress of the teenagers
which can only be bad for the teenagers in the long run.

In summary,
There's no key to getting rid of stress forever
everyday life is a stress.
teenagers could be taught to question whether experiences they are facing are truly dangerous. Relaxation techniques could also be a helpful method. techniques like breathing deeply and slowly, tensing and relaxing the muscles in the body. There might not be one perfect solution but there are many good ones.
Millersi Rodallega
period: 6/7th
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