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Emirates Airline - Presentation

A comparison of the ways in which airline companies promote their products.

Maryam Al Attar

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of Emirates Airline - Presentation

Brief idea about the General performance management
What is the Performance management ?

It’s a procedure of creating a work atmosphere and process in order to enable the employees to do their best. Performance management is the main system in every organizations to run a successful business and obtain the goals
(Heathfield, 2014).
What are the purpose of the Performance management ?

1. Ensure that the staff is doing their duties to the best.
2. Contributing in obtain the overall business objectives.
3. Enable the staff to work in effective, satisfactory and beneficial methods
(Performance Management, 2011).

By comparing these approaches we found that :
1. Most of the performance management approaches are interested in developing and improving the employee performance.

2. Almost all of the approaches focus on individuals somehow by enhance their skills and strengthened their abilities.

3. Most of the approaches are seeking to improve the employee's skills and experiences in order to obtain the objectives.

4. All the approaches are helping the organization to achieve the desired objectives at the end.

In linking with Emirates Airlines, they are using some similar approaches to the general ones. For example :
* Team driven
Emirates airline focus on the team work and the employee's values and ideas, in order to done the business and accomplish desired objectives.

* Total performance management

Emirates airline working according to a vision will enhance the performance of the employees and motivate them to perform well to give out the best
(Emirates Airlines And Fly Dubai Management Essay, 2014).

* Continuous learning and coaching
Emirates airline give the employees the opportunity to improve, challenge and learn by evaluate the employees performance and if they need any improvement they give
them practices.

* Skills or competency based
Emirates airline identify the employee’s capability and give them standard educational training that will help them to have successful standard performance
(Emirates Airlines And Fly Dubai Management Essay, 2014).

2. Management of objective
A method that explains the future goals and targets of the organization. It will help the employees to evaluate their performance.
3. Self-assessment
A Method of checking the performance of an employee by himself.
1. Balanced Scorecard Approach
This approach does not apply at the organizational level, but it help to evaluate the performance of the staff and it’s an effective way to get a complete overview on the employees performance.
4. Motivation
A method of providing different types of rewards to increase the performance of the employee.
5. Regular reviews
Timely checking the performance of employees to provide the right direction of work to accomplishment the goals of the organization.

1. It provides the guideline about the time frame of work and how much an activity take time to complete.

2. It provides the results in quantitative way rather than in qualitative manners
(Fact sheet – Formal methods of performance management , 2014).


1. It is a time saving approach because an employee knows his weaknesses and strengths points clearly.

2. The individuals opinion and the organization opinion are different normally because of the conditions
(Fact sheet – Formal methods of performance management , 2014).


1. Split the results with supervisors, employees and managers, in order to provide the necessary information to adapt employee performance plans with organizational goals.

2. It has four perspectives which they are :- customer's perspective, internal business perspective, innovation and learning perspective and financial perspective
(Performance Management, 2014).


1. It increase the job satisfaction and loyalty of the employee.

2. It enhance the commitment of the employee and as a results that would be beneficial for the organization
(Joan, 2012).


1. It helps to clear understanding objectives and goals of the organization.

2. Regular feedback increase the motivation level of an employee and gets more accurate results

(Performance Management Techniques for Every Leade, 2011).

By contrasting these approaches we found that :
1) The management of objective approach is a method that explains the future goals while the self-assessment is a time saving approach.

2) Balanced scorecard is totally different from the others because it’s evaluate many perspectives in a company such as : customer, internal business, innovation and financial.

3) The motivation approach increase the job satisfaction and loyalty of the employee which no other approaches is do.

4) The regular reviews help to clear understanding the objectives of the organization where a regular feedback is given usually for the employee.

In linking with Emirates Airlines, they are using some different approaches to the general ones. For example :
* Quality and security
- Emirates Airline had a good quality in terms of aviation and the security to valuable handling and cash processing services. The target of the quality and security is to have improvements nonstop a way of life

* Building a global network
- The goal is to provide the better service every year which cause a rapid growth in the industry and this make Emirates Airline success. The Airlines is looking to make the network internationally growing in the future

(Emirate Airline - Building A Global Network, 2014).

* Customer-Centric Approach
- Aiming to make their customers happy, comfortable and fulfill their demands by developing the technology and give them a special services as a part to fulfill their demands
(Implication Of Customer-Centric Approach In Emirates, 2010).

* Long term approach
- Emirates Airline has an approach which focus on the long term results. For example, restructured and develop the commercial area and getting the benefits not all at once but gradually for a long time
(Going Further the Emirates Group Annual Report, 2013-2014).
Emirates Airline is a huge community which includes enormous number of employees.

The performance management approaches will enhance the abilities of the crew and will improve their behaviors.

And as we can notice the management approaches are contains all these aspects which would be beneficial and motivational for the crew such as :

- Customers
- Competency based
- Learning and developing
- Team work
- Skills and rewards.

1. Total performance management
This approach is the most organized, usually it`s include all the elements related to PM like role profiles, individual objectives and personal development plans and appraisals.


1. Focus on the individual to achieve the required results.

2. Support “total quality” initiatives, with the Business Excellence model, also it provide links between business plans, individual appraisals and personal development
(Roads to higher performance , 2014)

2. Skills or competency-based
This approach is focus more on competencies. It’s appropriate with professional and technical groups, so it is helpful for organizations that require cognitive skills, intelligence and qualities.


1) The key for a successful performance in this approach is gain new skills.

2) There is a risk in this approach where the company will paid high on those inputs and little on business results
(Roads to higher performance , 2014)

3. Team-driven
This approach is a team method of thinking on a business plan, put goals and make questions.


1) The process becomes more focus on individual, which means what will each one provide for the team.

2) It is useful when the organization will start a new section or an important change is required
(Roads to higher performance , 2014).

4. Continuous learning and coaching
This approach is totally based on individuals, so to improve your performance you have to learn by gain experience.


1. Coach or manager make a feedback about individual and discuss the strengths and weaknesses in order to make them more confidence.

2. It's work useful with individual cases where specific developments are required.

3. It's used frequently not just annually depending on the changes and circumstances
(Roads to higher performance , 2014).

5. The contingency approach
This approach is most recent development in the field of management. It’s a recover for any loss caused by changes in organizations, people or environment.


1. It's needed in every company in order to successfully resolve any problems that emerge suddenly.

2. It's based on the behavior changing so that the organization should be integrated with the surrounding environment and conditions

(Rao, 2009).

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In linking with Emirates Airlines, they are using some similar approaches to the general ones. For example :
In linking with Emirates Airlines, they are using some different approaches to the general ones. For example :
Members Of HR Department
1. Ahlam Hassan Bin Took .
2. Asmaa Nabeel Bueissa .
3. Maryam Abdulrazzaq Alattar .
4. Mariam Saeed Al Mazrouei .
5. Fatima Khalfan AlShamsi .
6. Fatima Fadhel Ahmed .

General performance management approaches : ( Contrast )
General performance management approaches : ( Compare )
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