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Cricket Juice

No description

NingLi Loken

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Cricket Juice

curious as to what it is? Cricket Juice Cricket juice is a wonderful fruit flavored drink!
So,no, we don't actually make this juice out of crickets. You wish we did!It's called cricket juice because we've teamed up with the phone company, Cricket, to make this new product! Though you may think you are supposed to just drink this liquid, you aren't! This concoction of ours is meant for cell phones, too! Cricket juice can both provide a boost for you, and clean cell phone screens without leaving residue! We figured that since people are so attached to cell phones, they should be able to share a drink with it! If you like tangy fruit flavored drinks that can also clean your phone, Cricket Juice is just what you need! Even Felex Nelson approves!
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