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Sandoz Chemical Spill

No description

John Kerr

on 12 May 2011

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Transcript of Sandoz Chemical Spill

November 1st 1986. Basel, Switzerland Europe. Cause of the Spill There were two causes of it, one being that the firemen putting out the fire had washed all the chemicals into the Rhine River. The other known cause of this is the fire it’s self. Plenty of people have blamed the Sandoz Chemical Plant for polluting the river. Some say if it wasn’t for them having the plant there then this would have never happened. Most of mankind blames it on those extinguishing the fire. Toxins During the fire there were over 30 tons of chemicals washed into the Rhine River, 32 types of pesticides, fungicides, and other agricultural chemicals.The major resulting water pollutants were dinitro-ortho-cresol, the organophosphate, parathion, disulfoton, thiometon, etrimphos and fenitrothion, as well as the organochlorine metoxuron. How The Ecosystem Was Affected The ecosystem had been mainly affected by the chemicals through water pollution. This had caused most of the organisms living in the water or near the water to die. Areas of Ecosystem Affected Mainly only the soil and water had been affected. This had killed a large proportion of the fish in there. Including one of its best known species living there and that would be the European eel. Settlement After the Chemical spill in 1986 the Rhine Action Programme was developed, and adopted by all the countries bordering the Rhine. By the year 2000, the programme aims to achieve a return to the river species such as the salmon which once thrived there. Other Information Vincent Cannistraro, senior U.S. intelligence official, stated that the Soviet KGB had ordered the East German Stasi to sabotage the chemical factory. He said the operation's objective was to distract attention from the Chernobyl disaster. Sandoz Chemical Spill
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