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McKenzie Phelps & Makayla Warnick "Imagery, Outsiders and stuff"

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Kathryn Larsen

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of McKenzie Phelps & Makayla Warnick "Imagery, Outsiders and stuff"

by McKenzie Phelps & Makayla Warnick Imagery Imagery Imagery is when the author or poet
uses key words and phrases to
describe a story. In the outsiders, words to describe The Outsiders is ghetto, socs, etc. Imagery in action here is a example of imagery

"the house smelt of lavender and
cookies, and had a warm, cozy feeling."

Writers try to make you feel as if you are
in the story. The Outsiders and Imagery The outsiders is about two rival gangs; the
Greasers, and the Socs. the Outsiders (continued) The story mostly talks about
Ponyboy, and his life with the
rest of the greasers, including
Dali, Sodapop, Johnny, and Two-bit. Imagery is a wonderful thing! Imagery is what makes you feel like you
are a part of the story. It's what makes the
story come together.
Without imagery, The book wouldn't be the same,
it would be hard to understand and believe the
story. The story would have to be interesting in
order for people to read it. Conclusion We have learned about
the benefits of imagery and
talked about the Outsiders.
next time you read a book, think about the story and all the effort the author put into it to make it great. Imagery is a wonderful thing!
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