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brittni hall

on 14 September 2016

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Transcript of BEAVER WARS

Effects of the Conflict
Summary of Conflict & Important Events
Wynadots were pushed out of their homeland to find homes elsewhere around the Great Lakes and Saint Lawrence Valley
Wyandots sent into a period of starvation and impact by European diseases
The Iroquois adopted Wyandot prisoners as an attempt to help replenish them
Peace throughout the second half of the 17th century
The Iroquois became exhausted from the wars
Brittni Hall and Anahi Godinez
APUSH Kindred
Groups Involved
The Basics
17th Century
Historical Context
Western Iroquois
Erie people
Algonquian speaking people
The French
Neutral nations
Africans arrive in the Chesapeake region
Tobacco becomes a major profitable crop- Chesapeake tobacco boom
Reign of Charles I- the king of England
Puritan revolution in England
Bacon's rebellion
First navigation act
England, France, and Spain are involved in wars
The Great Lakes region
Time Period
1640's to around 1700
Causes of Conflict
Competition over the diminishing stocks of fur bearing animals- specifically beavers
Iroquois: aided by their recent acquisition of European firearms that Wyndots and Algonquian nation lacked
The Wynadots lived on Lake Huron, almost completely dependent upon trade with the French
The Iroquois began raiding this area to attempt taking over the fur trade of the area
This caused the Wynadots into starvation and the struggle to keep their confederation relevant
After some years, the Iroquois struggled to keep their strength and went into exhaustion from the wars
Beginning of 17th century- Wyndots had a confederacy of around 30,000 people (similar to the Haudenosaunee)
1642- Wyandots allied with the French and the Susquehannocks
1640- They were entirely dependent on French trade
1647-1650- Iroquois swept out the land claimed by the Wyandots
1650s- Wyandots were in a period of starvation
Last half of the 17th century- intermittent warfare, peace
1700- Beaver wars faded out and ended
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