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Evil Women of China

No description

Savannah Locklear

on 18 November 2015

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Transcript of Evil Women of China

During her marriage with Xu Zhimo, Lu lived very lavishly, spending uncontrollably. She hired up to 14 servants. Her careless spending put them in huge financial trouble.
To begin with, Lu was a 20th century painter whose original name was Mei. She shared a very passionate relationship with Xu Zhimo, her husbands close friend. She lived a very lavish lifestyle.
As the story continues, Xu had no money from the result of Lu's reckless spending, therefore when he was leaving for his flight after fighting with Lu Xiaoman, he couldn't afford a nice and safe plane. The plane he boarded was cheap, so they ended up crashing. This is why many blame his death on Lu.
Xu was a wealthy man to begin with, being one of the most famous poets in his era. Before his marriage with Lu, he had already been divorced several times. He worked as a professor, editor, writer, etc. His life ended in a plane crash after a fight with Lu, his wife. Many people claimed that she killed him.
Lu Xiaoman
Evil Women of China
(Lu Xiaoman)

Her Marriage and Her Affair
She was married to Wang Geng, a very smart man. She ended up carrying an affair with one of his best friends Xu Zhimo. In 1926, Geng divvorced her and in the same year she married Xu. Xu was one of the most famous chinese poets in his time.
Xu and Lu
Xu Zhimo
Xu Zhimo
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