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Marketing Plan

No description

Jordan Grossman

on 10 August 2014

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Transcript of Marketing Plan

Insights Branding Product
Management Innovation Overall Flow of Marketing Decisions Gather Detect, measure, track... Customers Wau Business Strategy Promotions Market Assessment Gather Insights from... Quantitative Qualitative Surveys
Data Mining
Segmentation Interviews
Focus Groups
Ethnographies Team Customer Service
Rep Feedback
Customer Look-a-likes (eg HR) Let's understand how things will fit together...

Then the plan on how to get there will make more sense... New Pro Share Analyze Syndicate Insights to Team Share Insights with Team Promotions New Products Existing Products Sales Force Select, Optimize, & Integrate Channels Identify Opportunities, Generate Ideas, & Design Qualitative: Training on Target Selection, Positioning, and Messaging Quantitative: X-Tool from Segmentation Data Mining to Identify Optimal Targets and Messaging Alert to Issues, Track Progress, Help Re-design and Improve Opportunity Selection & Targeting Brand Architecture Why have Marketing at Sterling? Growth rate is limited by sales force reinvestment rate 1 Reachable market is limited to companies large enough to be worth opportunity cost of a sales person 2 Sterling is one of the largest players, and yet has only 5% of the market 3 Sterling has aggressive growth goals that require greater reach, faster adoption and greater monetization of customers 4 Here's how: By Efficiently and Effectively Impacting... Sales Promotion Existing Products What we do Now Marketing can help excite the 95% while better serving the 5%! How do we get there? Sequence Assess Triage / Fix Build Elements Run / Maintain People Systems Knowledge Talent Know-how Org Structure Technology Processes Policies Metrics Communication Training What we will do New Promotional Channels New Products First,
a little background Old Model New Model Sales
Mass Marketing "One Size Fits All"

"A Model T in any color they want, so long as it's black"

"What do I have to do to get you into this new car today?" Problem Too many products
Too many choices
Too many customer fragments
Not enough resources to let everyone hear, just so a few can buy Marketing
Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning
Research & Design
Personalization & Customization
Targeted Advertising
Targeted Products The most successful companies are the ones who
create the most value
the most efficient way
who would be missed the most if they weren't around Brand Management Touch-Point Channel Management Capabilities / Infrastructure Management Design Execution Design Opportunity Selection Execution Cultural Identity Team Motivation Idea Creation Traditional Sales Print PR Trade Shows New Web Email Paid Search SEO Call Centers Display Ads Social Media Touch Points Technology Infrastructure Customer Relationship Marketing Personalization Cross-Channel Coordination Capabilities What does culture have to do with Branding? Powerful brands are living things Branding Culture "This is what we're about" "This doesn't feel like a Sterling product" How does Branding motivate a team? People need 3 qualities at work: Autonomy They have ownership and independence to make decisions Mastery Opportunity to get better at something they care about Purpose Reason for work that is larger than themselves A good brand gives the team a purpose (and a good team gives the brand a purpose!) The best ideas come from the best conditions. People need... Talent
Experimentation Selecting Good Ideas require several things, but a few key ones are: Good Communication (so ideas are heard)
Good Analysis (the right people, strategy, and process) Using insights and brand definition Using insights and brand definition Pricing Building Distribution (aka: New customers and New Products) And, people usually need to work in diverse teams to achieve these together! Talented people come up with better ideas
They spot opporunity better Stimulation by new ideas, new people, variety, etc
Motivation by having Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose at work Knowing the Customer, Sterling, the Market
Having Know-how Wandering minds have ideas, busy minds just react Nobody gets it right the first try Strategic Acquisitions
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